Give Your Family the Ultimate Gift – A Luxurious Pool Oasis!

A luxury pool is more than just a place to cool off from the summer heat. It’s also a smart investment, adding to the value of your home. The best modern designs embed pools into integrated outdoor entertainment and garden landscape areas, creating a haven of calm and relaxation. They’re a wonderful place to exercise and have fun while your family and guests escape the summer heat. So, give your family the ultimate gift – a luxurious pool oasis.

The First Step – Planning Your Design

Now that you’ve decided to proceed with a new pool, the fun and hard work now begin. Expect to make many decisions on budget, pool design, hardscaping, entertainment area details, landscaping, and finishing touches. If you’re looking for inspiration, an excellent place to start is through the completed projects portfolio of local pool design and build companies.

Before you settle on the design, materials, and other details of your pool build, you will need a reality check on the budget and the feasibility of your plans. Settle upon at least two or three pool designers, and don’t hesitate to ask for an on-site consultation.

Bringing the Design of Your Luxury Pool Oasis Together

By now, you should be starting to firm up on the primary goal of your design, the pool itself. What shape and size pool do you want? Will you opt for a classic kidney shape? Will the size of your backyard lend itself to a large rectangular or square shape? Will a customized pool design better suit the unique features of your home and landscape?

Pool Features

While you’re still at the design stage of your pool haven, this is the time to consider extending basic functionality. For example, adding a spa or hot tub section can extend the enjoyment of your pool area into the cooler months. Likewise, planning for lighting will let you party into the wee hours or enjoy a solo midnight swim.

Customized Pool Design and Aesthetic Choices

One of the most complex decisions in designing your luxury pool oasis is selecting the right mix of colors and materials. The wrong combination for your setting can create a jarring effect rather than a harmonious, relaxed, and sophisticated feel. Getting hold of color swatches and material samples will help tremendously in this area. Also, look at different combinations of pool tiles and hard surround materials, including concrete, pavers, and timber decking. A luxurious oasis effect is achieved by the careful design and crafting of all the pool components

However, if you’re unsure about your sense of color and style, asking for help from your pool designer is the way to go. In-depth knowledge of design aesthetics is the forte of experienced pool designers and builders. Selecting the exact materials, decorative elements, and finishing touches will be much easier with the aesthetic style for your pool and surrounds decided.

Safety and Pool Standards

Don’t forget about the safety aspects of your pool installation, and make sure your designer understands all relevant regulations and standards before the build begins.

Entertainment Areas and Landscaping

Artful landscaping and stylish outdoor furnishings and fittings will integrate your new customized pool design into its surrounds and give the impression of a seamless look and feel.

Plantings, whether into garden beds or pots situated at focal points around the pool and entertainment area, can set the overall theme of your oasis. Palms and leafy green heat-loving plants interspersed with clumps of flowers in bright hot colors provide a tropical feel. Hardy long-flowering herbs such as lavender, thyme, and rosemary can impart a Mediterranean atmosphere. Or geraniums, daisies, and roses can give a bright cottage air and lush feel.

Outdoor seating and carefully selected cushion colors that contrast or coordinate with the colors of the pool and surrounds provide additional decorative accents and focal points. Comfortable and smart-looking pool lounges and deck chairs complete the picture.

When you’ve finished, your family will revel in their lavish new surroundings and the vacation feel of the luxurious pool oasis.

Luxury Pool Design in Northern Virginia

If you’re considering a new pool installation in the Northern Virginia area, State of the Art Landscape can guide you through every step of the process. With 3D renderings of your design, you can be sure the result will match your expectations.

We can also help you with pool remodeling and repairs, transforming your existing pool and surrounds to a high-end level that will delight you.

Contact us to book an on-site appointment or discuss any aspect of your pool design requirements.