10 Ways to Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space All Year

As of 2014, outdoor living spaces have emerged as the most popular “special function” room among homeowners. Since then, ways to improve upon and create further uses for any outdoor living space have increased greatly, and are more accessible for homeowners—no matter their price point.

So, as nights become longer and the colder months set in, how can you work to create an outdoor living space that works for you year-round? Read on for 10 ways for you to enjoy your outdoor living space.

1. Weatherproof Furniture

If your outdoor living space is uncovered, or subject to a lot of rain, it’s crucial to invest in weatherproof furniture. Even if your backyard usually remains dry, having weatherproof furniture on hand is going to reduce the risk of colors fading from sun exposure.

Weatherproof furniture, whether it’s a lawn chair or couch complete with throw pillows, is going to last a lot longer outside than any other furniture you might consider putting outdoors.

2. Cover It Up

Creating cover not only helps you define areas when you have company over but it also protects your outdoor furniture. Pergolas are also great for this and provide a defined space for any purpose you see fit, but they don’t come with the protection of a cover.

Coverage also allows you to sit outside at any time and not have to worry as much about wet seating or slippery surfaces.

3. Add Heating

For the cold months, adding heat is an easy way to enjoy your outdoor living space. You can do this with a fire pit or outdoor heater. Some deck floors even come with heating, and heat lamps are always a great option as well.

A heating element also creates a gathering space in your backyard and serves as the focal point for any gathering or get-together. 

4. Create Definition

If a heating element isn’t in your budget, or you already have one, there are other ways to create defined areas in your outdoor living space. Creating defined areas help break up your backyard and make it feel homier.

Use outdoor area rugs and other landscape features to create defined spaces. String lights can also help.

Some ideas can include a fire pit area, kitchen area, game area, or a pool area. Seating is also a great, affordable option (and highly necessary if you have guests over often).

5. Invest in Lighting

Several sources of lighting allow you to stay outside longer in the fall and winter months when the sun goes down sooner.

Outdoor LED string lights work best to create a cozy ambiance. Path markers and string lights work to create walkways in your outdoor living space. Get creative with solar lights or different colored bulbs depending on the season.

6. Outdoor Cooking

It’s no secret that food brings people together. Why not bring the power of your kitchen outdoors?

It can be as beautiful and grand as you’d like—complete with cabinetry, refrigerator, wine cooler, grill, and even a sink. It can also be as simple as acquiring a grill, outdoor table, and chairs for everyone to gather around and eat at.

7. Grab Some Games

No matter the weather, games can be enjoyed for seasons upon seasons without ever going out of style. You can even get creative and make your own game pieces.

For outdoor games of cornhole and Jenga, it’s as simple as finding a how-to guide and spending a weekend with some wood, tools, and paint. Sourcing the materials for soccer, outdoor bowling, or even horseshoe are great ways to keep family and friends outdoors for hours.

8. Keep Things Cozy

Maybe you already have a fire pit, but there are more ways to keep things cozy. Get throw blankets and cuddly outdoor pillows so everyone can stay warm late into the evening, whether huddled around a fire or not.

Throw blankets, pillows, and outdoor rugs are also easy to keep seasonal. You can switch them out depending on the holiday or time of year. Keep different materials, designs, and thicknesses in mind.

9. Get Your Feet Wet

Water features are another thing that can be enjoyed year-round if you have the right materials. Heated pools or water features are perfect, but so is a hot tub. 

They’re inviting and can be enjoyed alone or with friends!

10. Clean up Often

While you should pick up your belongings and keep your outdoor living space clean, this tip is aimed at the weather.

Particularly in the winter, it’s important to keep up with snow removal. This helps keep your outdoor furniture and appliances in the best shape possible. Sweeping regularly and wiping off surfaces in the fall and springtime keeps pollen and bugs at bay.

Depending on your climate, Summer can bring rainfall or intense sunshine. No matter the case, this season is probably going to be the easiest in keeping your outdoor living space clean. Especially if you’re using the area often!

Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space Year-Round

Using these tips is sure to allow you to enjoy your outdoor living space year-round. Get creative with the ways you choose to utilize them and customize them to fit your needs and wants.

Also, keep who is going to be using the space in mind! Children and pets are going to have different needs from older guests in friends. There are options for everyone out there, and it’s important to make sure everyone coming into your space enjoys it!

If you’re wanting to take on bigger outdoor projects, don’t be afraid to let the professionals lending a helping hand.

Contact us today with any questions or ideas. We’re happy to help you create the outdoor living space of your dreams.

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