2019’s Best Backyard Additions to Add Over the Fall & Winter

Your backyard offers a perfect retreat to relax and enjoy some much-needed downtime. Although many homeowners stop worrying about their backyards once the fall rolls around, this is actually the perfect time of year to consider some special projects. When you manage backyard additions in the fall and winter, you will have even more time to enjoy them when the spring arrives. Here are some exciting backyard additions to pencil in before 2019 is done!

Outdoor Kitchens

For the ultimate host, the outdoor kitchen provides a spacious place to prepare crowd-pleasing meals al fresco. Add the latest in grills, wood-burning ovens, luxurious bars, outdoor fridges and smokers so you can indulge your inner chef.

Inground Pool

If you don’t have a pool, this is, of course, the ultimate backyard addition. A pool creates a welcoming place to cool down in the heat of summer. It is aesthetically pleasing, allowing you to have your own staycation all summer long. Pools are more affordable than you might think and can be designed to suit almost any size backyard in any style. The Fall is the perfect time to start this project so that we can have you playing in it next Summer.


Sheds might be practical, ideal for keeping your garage free of all that gardening tool clutter, but they have also become a new focal point for the savvy homeowner. Sheds come in every design imaginable from modern and edgy to whimsical and fairytale-like. In fact, they have left the realm of strictly functional and even become a spot for sanctuary, namely the she shed. That’s right ladies, while your hubby is in his man cave, you can be sipping red wine, wrapped up in a cozy blankie and reading some exceptional romance novels.


Birdbaths of a more substantial nature add a little touch of charm to your backyard. Snuggled beneath a sleepy tree, alongside your deck or in its own special spot surrounded by garden beds, they offer cool water to the local birds. Kids and bird lovers get up close and personal with nature while adding a delightful design element to the garden.

Fireplace or Firepits

outdoor fireplace

The reason this is a perfect fall or winter project is that it also provides you somewhere to snuggle up when the weather is crisp, not frigid. Fire features are always trendy and help extend the time you can enjoy your backyard. They can be designed to suit any landscape whether it is part of a secluded, protected porch area, somewhere poolside or to create an interesting focal point in the center of your lawn!

Deck or Paver Patio

Whether you have an old deck or could use one, decks have always provided a gathering place for family and friends. If decks aren’t your style, you might be surprised at some of the contemporary materials and designs available today. You can also opt for a paver patio as a less casual option. They create a sophisticated look that can be worked right into your landscape.

Outdoor Lighting

Create a more inviting, warm gathering place with strategically placed lighting. From pillar lights poolside to intricate designs that highlight special garden elements, professionally installed lighting can add a very contemporary, elegant look to your yard.

Over-Sized Board Games

Board games are very much back in fashion, providing hours of fun for people of all ages. To make things even more exciting, not to mention to add an unexpected element to your backyard get creative by installing a massive board game such as chess or checkers. You can also create a designated area for garden party games like croquet, badminton or horseshoes.

Gazebos or Pergolas

Permanent structures such as gazebos and pergolas add intriguing architectural elements to your backyard. They provide a place to gather out of the sun, or rain allowing you to enjoy the outdoors despite the weather.

Waterfall, fountain, and other water features

Whether you choose a waterfall or fountain, water features have a soothing effect adding to the peace and tranquillity of your yard. As well, they can often mask noise such as traffic, dogs and noisy neighbors. They not only sound nice but look beautiful.


Arbors not only provide an unexpected focal point but also add a touch of Victorian sophistication. They can be made using any number of plants combined with different structures designed to fit in with any landscape or garden size.


Although one might consider this a water feature, a Koi fishpond offers a beautiful addition to any yard. The brilliantly colored fish and the sound of the water and splashing create a soothing place to sit and contemplate life.

These 2019 backyard additions make the ideal projects to complete this winter and fall. If you would like to discuss the pool options for your backyard, call our team today.