4 Tips for Preserving Your Lawn Through the Winter Months

The winter season is both a time of holiday festivities and cozy moments. Unfortunately, for many homeowners, it’s also a season of worry over the health and appearance of their lawn – especially those who’ve put hours of effort and care into their lawns. Cold temperatures, snowfall, and frost can all take a toll on a beautifully maintained lawn. But this doesn’t mean you have to start a new lawn when spring comes around. With the right preparation and care, you can ensure that your lawn stands strong during the winter.

Tips for Preserving Your Lawn Through the Winter Months

1. Do Your Best To Keep Your Lawn Clear

The initial snowfall might create a picture-perfect winter wonderland, but as the season progresses, keeping your lawn free of debris is essential. Fallen leaves, twigs, toys, and even furniture can suffocate the grass underneath, making it harder for it to breathe. These materials can also become waterlogged, creating potential mold or mildew issues that can further damage your lawn. Additionally, as snow accumulates and compresses the debris, it might be harder to remove later on. Hence, a proactive approach in keeping the lawn clear is both beneficial and preventive.

2. Give It A Final Mow And Some Food For The Winter

Before the first frost arrives, giving your lawn a proper send-off with one last mow goes a long way to give your lawn the best chance. Trim it a little shorter than you might during warmer months, but be wary of cutting it too close to the soil. Grass that’s too long can become inviting for pests, while grass that’s too short may be more vulnerable to cold damage and may not store enough energy for the winter.

After mowing, apply a winter fertilizer. This specialized mix typically contains higher levels of potassium, which helps in strengthening plant cells and improving resistance to cold. A proper fertilization not only feeds your lawn with essential nutrients but also ensures that the roots dig deep and gather strength. This fortified foundation is crucial in helping your lawn withstand the icy grip of winter and to leap into vibrant growth come spring.

3. Be Careful With Foot Traffic

As your lawn goes into a state of dormancy, it will focus its energy on root growth rather than the green blades above. While a snow-covered lawn may appear sturdy and solid, the grass beneath remains vulnerable. Constant foot traffic can lead to soil compaction, which restricts root growth and limits access to vital nutrients and water. This is particularly problematic as compacted soil can persist into the spring, making it more challenging for your lawn to rejuvenate.
It’s also worth noting that repeated footsteps on the same path can wear away at the grass, leading to thin or barren patches. If these areas don’t recover by spring, they could become prime spots for weeds to take over. While it might be tempting to create shortcuts across your yard or let children play freely on the snow, establishing designated pathways or play areas away from the main lawn can significantly reduce potential damage.

4. Balancing Your Watering Habits

While winter often brings snow and moisture, the reality is that many regions experience drier conditions during this season. Cold air lacks the capacity to hold much moisture, and as it chills the ground, it can sap the soil of its natural moisture. Without adequate hydration, grass roots can become weak, making them more susceptible to damage from freezing temperatures. In areas where snowfall is light or infrequent, it’s essential to maintain a consistent watering schedule during the late fall and early winter. Lawns, especially those recently seeded or sodded, can benefit from deep watering. This encourages roots to grow deeper into the soil, which offers better protection against the cold. However, it’s crucial to strike a balance. Overwatering can be just as detrimental, leading to mold growth or ice formation on the lawn’s surface. Monitoring the weather and soil moisture levels will be key. If the ground isn’t frozen and you’ve noticed prolonged dry spells, give your lawn a gentle soak, preferably during the warmer parts of the day, to reduce the risk of nighttime freezing.

Reach Out to a Professional Landscaper in the DMV Area

To close, preserving your lawn during winter is more than just an aesthetic choice – it’s an investment in the health and vitality of your landscape for the year to come. At State of the Art Landscape, we understand the importance of every season when it comes to lawn care. Our experts are here to guide you through each step of the process, ensuring your outdoor space looks its best all year round. Whether you’re looking for winter lawn care services or winter landscaping help, our team is committed to delivering state-of-the-art results. Contact us to get started.

The Top 6 Reasons Owners Need to Hire a Lawncare Professional

A lawn is a crucial part of any household, serving as an outdoor area for recreation and physical activities. Properly maintaining your lawn has numerous benefits for both you and the environment. It prevents soil erosion, provides a habitat for microorganisms, and reflects positively on you as a homeowner. 

A well-manicured lawn can show that you take pride in your home and yard, while an unkempt lawn can convey neglect. With a busy work schedule, family, and personal responsibilities, it can be difficult to devote the necessary time and effort to lawn care. This is where a professional lawn care company comes in – they can help maintain the health and appearance of your lawn, leaving you with more time to focus on other things. 

Let’s Explore the Benefits of Working With a Professional Lawn Care Company in Northern Virginia:

1. Free Up Time

Landscaping and lawn care are very tedious and time-consuming, especially if you have a big yard. The processes involved include weed control, soil enhancement, fertilizer application, mowing, and edging. Trying to handle all these tasks alone will require you to make several trips to your local store and designate a few hours daily to your lawn, which is impossible for people on full-time jobs. Hiring a lawn care professional will free up more time to focus on your hobbies, relax, and spend time with your family. 

2. Saves You Money in the Long Run

DIY lawn care may seem cost-effective, but you will spend more money in the long run. To begin with, you will have to invest in lawn care tools and supplies. If you make a mistake, you will have to redo the work, which wastes your money and time. A professional has the proper knowledge to do the job quickly and effectively. Professionals also buy lawn care products in bulk which saves them money. They know the best plants for your yard and use correct fertilizers and treatment quantities, preventing mistakes so you won’t need to replace your grass each season. 

3. Quality Lawn Care

Professionals will help you achieve the best possible results for your lawn. With their experience, they can quickly spot and fix issues so you will have a lush, green, healthy lawn all year. Maintaining a healthy lawn requires knowing your soil’s pH, nutrient levels, the best plant types, and common pests and diseases that can affect your plants. If you fail to understand such issues, you will have to keep replacing dead plants, which can be very draining. Professionals understand regional and climatic differences, so they recommend the best grass type for your yard. They also know how to handle different pest problems in different seasons.   

4. Access to Experts’ Knowledge and Advice

Landscapers undergo years of training to get state licenses to operate in the lawn care industry. The knowledge and experience in the field go in hand with helping you maintain your lawn in the best way possible. Since most Americans lack lawn care knowledge, hiring a professional gives you access to experts’ advice on maintaining a healthy lawn. They will advise you on how often to water your lawn, the best irrigation systems, and the most viable disease control methods. 

5. Protection From Liabilities

Landscaping and lawn care come with a variety of risks. You can fling an object when mowing into your neighbors’ windows, car shield, or a passerby. Poor handling of landscaping equipment could also lead to personal injuries. Lawn care also involves using harmful chemicals, which can pollute the environment and lead to poisoning when mishandled. The equipment might spill oils onto the lawn killing your plants. The only way to avoid such issues is by hiring a professional. Lawn care companies have general liability insurance, so you won’t have to worry about breaking your sprinkler or a neighbor’s window. Professionals also know how to handle and store chemicals to prevent accidents and contamination. 

6. Access to Industry’s Best Equipment

Using poor lawn care equipment results in poor results. Hire a professional to access state-of-the-art equipment like leaf blowers, edgers, lawnmowers, trimmers, special fertilization tools, and heavy-duty equipment like bulldozers. Professionals know how to handle these tools and can choose the right ones for a specific lawn that guarantees better results. 

Expert Lawn Care Services in Northern Virginia

Proper lawn care is the best way to make your home or commercial property stand out. Hire a professional lawn care company to save yourself the hassle of handling labor-intensive and time-consuming landscaping tasks. Don’t hesitate to contact State of the Art Landscape if you need luxury landscaping services in your Northern Virginia residential or commercial property. We guarantee quality work and excellent customer service.

The Ultimate Winter Maintenance Checklist

Winter can cause serious and irreversible damage to a home if preventative maintenance is not complete. Everything from outdoor furniture to walkways, lawns, and garden beds can suffer due to the harsh conditions the season brings.

That’s why preventative maintenance is essential to the landscape. These simple tasks below are guaranteed to prevent the harsh conditions from taking a toll on your outdoor space.

1. Clean Gutters and Downspouts

 Although not the most glamorous of tasks, cleaning out gutters and downspouts is one of the most critical things owners can do to prepare their property for the winter.

Gutters and downspouts help with proper drainage throughout the colder months and will need to be clear of any leaves, debris, or garbage that could be blocking its path. Otherwise, without a clear path, water and ice can quickly build up leading to water overflows and ice dams. Both of which could result in a costly repair bill to the gutter and building.

Further, the gutters and downspouts should be checked to see that they are in good working condition. Meaning, that there are no holes, sags, or missing parts that could cause a mess if won’t drain properly.

2. Complete a Roof Check

Another area of a building that owners will need to check is the roof. Every fall, it’s important to complete an inspection of it by examining the condition that the shingles are in. Of course, this process is best handled by a professional who will know exactly what to look for and what is cause for concern.

While on the roof, they will be looking for any obvious signs of damage such as missing or curling shingles. These will likely need to be replaced before winter comes given that they can turn into a more serious problem. That’s because the freezing and thawing can result in water damage to the roof and building if they are loose.

3. Feed the Lawn

To have your grass looking its best post-winter, make sure to complete maintenance on it in the fall. This is because the grass will actually begin to store food for itself as soon as temperatures drop. To do this, make sure that the area is fertilized at least once or twice in the fall. That way, come spring, the lawn will come up faster and greener.

4. Prepare the Deck

 If you live in an area that gets snow and ice over the winter, it is critical to prepare any features like a deck, pergola, or veranda. Doing this is simple, yet essential, to maintaining these features for years to come.

To prepare them for winter start by giving them a good wash. This can be done by hand, or with the help of a professional who can power wash it to remove any grime and dirt. While doing this, it is also a good opportunity for owners to inspect it for any loose boards, nails, holes, debris, or issues.

Also, keep in mind, that if you’ve been thinking of staining or changing the look of it, fall is the perfect time to do this given the cool temperatures that allow you to stain and seal it.

5. Store Your Tools

Tools should not be left outside during the harsh winter months. This can cause them to rust, degrade and even possibly break due to the change in weather. This is especially true for any gas-operated tools which can become difficult to re-start and use in the spring if they have not been properly stored. If you do have gas-powered tools, owners will need to either drain them or add a fuel stabilizer to ensure that it does not degrade the item as it gets cold.

While storing these tools, it’s also a good idea to pull out and prepare any winter item you will need to use. For example, things like shovels and snow blowers should be checked in the fall. That way, once the first snowfall hits owners are prepared, regardless of what it brings.

Winter Maintenance Checklist

At State of the Art Landscaping, we know first-hand how important it is to prepare your outdoor space for the winter. That’s why we believe in using a professional to guide you through what needs to be done. Someone like us can assess, customize, and help you create the ultimate winter maintenance checklist for your space.

If you want to learn what needs to be done around your property this fall, consider getting in touch with a member of our team today.

Take Your Property Look to a Whole New Level With the Right Turf Solution

The right turf solution can take an outdoor space to a whole new level. Not only can it elevate a space’s design, but it can improve its functionality all while providing a lower-maintenance alternative to grass.

But, with so many turf options to pick from, how do you know which solution is right for you? That’s where we come in. As outdoor experts, State of the Art knows the ins and outs of turf options.

That’s why we’ve outlined the best solutions below and how they can enhance your property.

1. Gravel

For a fluid and low-maintenance option, gravel is your best bet. Gravel provides owners with a quick and simple tuft solution that’s super easy to install.

Gravel also seamlessly meshes with a bunch of design styles; fitting in easily with both traditional and contemporary looks. However, we recommend it’s best to keep it to small and enclosed areas. That is because large open spaces filled with gravel tend to be boring and impractical.

So, for best results, we recommend using it in smaller garden areas (such as front yards), or areas where mowing can be difficult. We also suggest adding plenty of plants and flowers to the space so there will be some color and interest.

2. Bark

If there are areas of your yard that struggle to get sunlight and end up dry and dying, consider adding bark. That’s because bark won’t die even in the darkest corners of your yard (such as under trees, or in between structures). So, for a natural-looking option, we suggest choosing a natural stripped pine bark and adding as much greenery as possible.

To install, simply spread eight to ten centimeters over the soil. But, keep in mind that bark does require regular maintenance as it will likely need a topping up every year.

3. Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is a favorite when it comes to a turf solution. That’s because this option provides a natural look without all the hassle that comes along with maintaining real grass.

Just remember that all varieties of artificial grass aren’t made the same. So, be sure to shop around for color and style that works for your space as the shades can vary.

It might also be a good idea to consider what the space will be used for and how much direct contact you might have with it as many find it less comfortable underfoot.

If you do decide to proceed with the installation, it’s important to note that the larger the space the more likely you will need to hire professionals to help. That’s because bigger spaces require the ground to be leveled and paved.

4. Smart Paving

Another turf solution that owners may want to consider when redoing their space is smart paving. Materials like stone, brick, or even concrete make a great alternative when it comes to traditional grass. That’s because these alternatives can make a great base for a courtyard. In turn, drastically changing the space to be more functional by being able to put down more seating areas, gathering spaces and dinner tables.

Given how many paving options there are, owners can match the building material to their unique sense of style; choosing a design that works for them. For traditional patios we suggest opting for more natural textures like sandstone or limestone. Whereas more modern properties can experiment with different styles by using things such as concrete and quartz.

Regardless of what you end up choosing, we always suggest avoiding the use of multiple materials in a single space. Otherwise, it can end up looking busy and cluttered.

5. Decking

The final tuft solution to consider is decking. Not only is decking a great way to define a space and create a more livable area but it is actually a perfect solution for sloping or awkwardly shaped lawns. That’s because it can help to level out an area without all the hassle and money it takes to do it to the ground.

Instead, installing a deck is a cost-effective and quick way to create a usable surface that’s perfect for dining, lounging, or gathering. Plus, there are plenty of decking materials that owners can choose from ranging from hardwoods to no-maintenance composite lookalikes.

Ultimately, whatever turf option you decide to opt for, it’s guaranteed to transform your space. If you’re an owner and are considering upgrading your space, speak with a member of our team today by calling 703-421-3666 or emailing admin@stateoftheartlandscape.com.

The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Lawn Care

When your clients visit your office or a site that you own, your reputation depends on displaying a professional appearance. If your property looks like it lacks care, clients may choose to work with a firm that has a better presentation.

Fortunately, by investing in commercial lawn care, you can instantly impress potential customers.

Cultivating and maintaining a lawn takes time and a lot of care, so it’s important to work with a professional, qualified partner. There are crucial specialist lawn care practices that achieve superior results while also keeping costs to a minimum. 

Read on to learn how working with an expert lawn care firm can benefit your business.

Commercial Lawn Care and Groundskeeping

Lawn maintenance services are the starting point for any business looking to create a beautiful outdoor area – but caring for a large landscaped area takes skilled workers and the latest machinery.

Mechanical edging ensures your beds have a precise and striking finish. A professional mulching service also helps keep moisture in the soil. This provides the best conditions for growing healthy-looking grass.

Because this technique feeds the soil, it is less prone to damage and deterioration. These problems could be expensive to repair a few years down the line. 

Groundskeeping ensures your outdoor area is also free from the detritus that can build up all year round. Leaves blow off trees and can block your drains while also making your lawn look untidy.

When working with an experienced groundskeeping company, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up this area yourself. Aside from being very time-consuming, it can also be dirty work that could ruin clothing.

Peace of mind that your commercial lawn care firm performs regular clean-ups is priceless. You can enjoy arriving at an attractive-looking lawn each day.

Develop Your Landscaping Space

Many companies don’t know how to get green grass and don’t have the time to learn how to develop their outdoor space. When you hire an experienced commercial lawn services partner, they can advise on getting the best results.

There is no need to research lawn care tips when your landscaping firm knows exactly what to do in all types of weather conditions.

Caring for a lawn is a big commitment, so a professional should always be on hand to take action when needed. Specialist firms can perform the required services on a regular schedule all year round so you can get on with your work.

This can involve maintaining an irrigation system. This is important as your plants and grass will need different amounts of water at various times of the year.

If this system was to become damaged, it could be expensive to fix, and your grass could suffer while you wait for an expert to carry out repairs. However, you do not need to worry when a specialist firm cares for your irrigation structure on your behalf.

Trees and Shrubs

Commercial lawn care also requires a plan to care for your shrubs and trees. Well-kept bushes are trees show that you care about your property. This provides reassurance to customers that you are a professional company.

But, an inexperienced operator could cause damage to trees. This can leave your outdoor area looking uneven and untidy. When you work with a high-quality firm, you can be sure of getting superior results every time.

Create An Impressive Space

Many clients prefer to discuss business in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. You can use this to your advantage by caring for your lawn and creating an outdoor seating area.

Rather than sitting in an office with artificial light, you can take clients outside. You can talk about their needs while sitting in the fresh air and warm weather. 

It’s possible to work with a specialist firm to install a hardscaped area such as a patio. This area can look out over your healthy green grass.

Clients will love the chance to get some air during their working day. You can enjoy impressing them with your magnificent landscaped property. 

This benefit can also be appealing to your staff. Instead of taking lunch in a break room, they can step outside onto the patio and get some sun while they get some rest.

The fresh air and sunshine are good for their health. You may even find employees are more productive when they come back to their desks.

If you work when it is dark outside, you can also add lights to ensure people can appreciate your lawn in the evening. Lighting also protects your grass as people can see where it is, so they don’t step on it by accident. 

HOA Property Maintainance

If an HOA requires property maintenance services, then commercial lawn care is essential. By keeping the grass in perfect condition, you can win new tenants because the lawn is an excellent advertisement.

When people decide where to live, they are much more likely to go somewhere that looks attractive and is in good condition.

You can work with an experienced contractor to create an idyllic living environment. This benefits everyone who lives on the property. A specialist firm can also provide guidance on the best way to use your available space.

Snow Removal

Snow can kill a lawn if you don’t work with a company that can clear your grass. It can be expensive to hire the required equipment, and an inexperienced operator could dig up the underlying lawn.

However, an expert firm can respond quickly in the event of snowfall, ensuring your lawn remains in the best possible condition.

Have Your Lawn Tended to Today

Commercial lawn care is a specialist task that requires considerable knowledge and expertise. When you work with the right company, you’ll be amazed at how they can transform your lawn and outside area. 

State of the Art Landscape is a market-leading business with owners who have more than 60 years of experience. We specialize in creating stunning outdoor areas.

For a free consultation and quote for your commercial lawn services, contact our friendly sales team today.

The Ins and Outs of Irrigation Maintenance and Its Importance

People spend close to 90% of their lives inside of a building. Not much is worse than being stuck inside on a beautiful day, but a nice view can have a very positive impact.

Having your property look nice to observers and passerby’s can be important and create a positive impression of your company. Did you know that it can also be a boost for your employees?

Thankfully you’ve come to the right place for all of the ins and outs of irrigation maintenance and how it can benefit your organization, your employees, and your bottom line.

Importance of Irrigation Maintenance

The property surrounding your place of work says a lot about your company. It is the first impression that observers and potential customers have of you.

Irrigation system maintenance is crucial to keeping your property looking pristine and green. A primary benefit of having an irrigation system is that it will keep your lawn, flowers, plants, and bushes green and thriving.

Maintaining your irrigation system will keep the landscape of your place of business from being patchy and brown. This can reflect poorly on the image of your business.

It can also prevent hand-watering your lawn. Hand-watering your lawn takes a lot of valuable time. It is also not as comprehensive in making sure that every part of your property gets the water that it requires.

The Benefits of Irrigation Maintenance

Irrigation maintenance can have many important benefits, some of which may surprise you. From improving morale to providing new places to meet, irrigation maintenance can help you get the most out of your property.

Beautiful and green landscapes positively affect the productivity of your employees. Just looking at nature can lower blood pressure and anxiety.

Beautiful and natural patio areas make for amazing environments for meetings. It is great for lunch, hosting new clients, or taking a break from work, a natural patio area provides productivity and mental health boosts.

A well-maintained workplace and environment are reassuring to new and existing clients. It gives them the impression that they chose to do business with a well-run and organized company.

Another big benefit of irrigation maintenance is that it is very eco-friendly. Now more than ever, people want to do business with companies that make protecting and maintaining the environment a priority.

Whether it is lawn irrigation or well-trimmed shrubs, opting for business landscaping and irrigation maintenance can show potential clients that the environment is important to you. 

When done right, business landscaping can also prevent environmental issues like erosion while also saving water. It is another step that you can take through commercial landscaping that creates a positive impression on clients.

Irrigation maintenance can also increase your property value. Poorly kept properties can not only lower their own value but the value of the properties around them. 

Well-maintained commercial landscaping can create more value for your property. It creates a welcoming and secure environment for your employees and potential clients.

How to Maintain Your Irrigation System

The most common irrigation system is an in-ground sprinkler system. Choosing an in-ground sprinkler system can keep your property green even during the driest and hottest months of the year.

Maintaining your irrigation system can be very important to keeping your property looking its best. Knowing what you can do to make sure that it is running at optimal levels can save you money and resources. Here are some tips for maintaining your irrigation system.

Monitor Water Pressure

Monitoring your water pressure ensures that your sprinklers are reaching all of the areas that they’re supposed to reach. The ideal amount of PSI is anywhere between 40 and 65 PSIs.

Check Your Sprinkler Heads

Damaged sprinkler heads can hurt your vegetation and your wallet. If your sprinklers aren’t working at their best they won’t reach all the areas that they’re set up to reach. They will also waste water, hurting your bottom line.

Make Sure Sprinklers Are at the Correct Angle

Foot traffic and lawnmowing can cause sprinkler heads to be displaced which affects the area that it will be watering. Tilted sprinkler heads can cause dry areas in some parts of your property while overwatering others. 

Adjust Sprinkler Heads For Seasons

Depending on where your business is located, you need to take the change of seasons into account. Warmer and drier seasons require watering in higher and more frequent volumes.

The type of lawn that you have can require different amounts of watering. Bluegrass requires around 0.9 inches of watering on average, but during the summer months, that amount can double in order to keep it alive and well.

Adjusting for the seasons will allow you to save money and conserve water. Failure to adjust the amount of water you’re using can overwater your plant life, which can kill it. Meanwhile, not watering it enough can dry it out.

Account for Shadows

The height of your building and the size of your property creates shadows. Unfortunately, that means that there are parts of your property that will get less sunlight throughout the day.

Accounting for where the shadows will be and how long they will be there can determine which parts of your property need more or less watering. The areas that are getting more sunlight on a daily basis will need more water to stay alive.

Reap The Benefits of Commercial Irrigation

Creating a strong first impression on clients and providing a relaxing environment for your employees is great for your business. Irrigation maintenance can help you reach both of those goals.

Get started today and schedule an on-site appointment to find out about getting your commercial irrigation system.


5 Benefits of Professional Lawn Care and Groundskeeping

It takes more than just simply cleaning a lawn to make it attractive. While a tidy space surely can help, it’s essential that your commercial lawn gets the attention it needs. The exterior appearance of a business is just as important as the other important aspects such as production or marketing. You need to create that all-important first impression. 

Focus more on growing your business and enhancing your products or services. Leave lawn work to the professionals as they know how to take care of this a lot better than you. Below are the reasons why you need to hire professionals for commercial lawn care and groundskeeping. 

1. Avoids Property Damage

While it can be tempting to hire just anyone for lawn care and groundskeeping, that will not be ideal for your business. Inexperienced lawn care people may not have enough knowledge about how to do proper lawn care and groundskeeping. It’s possible for them to do some serious damage to your property. Also, avoid hiring your employees to do groundskeeping or lawn care especially when they do not have any experience. As a business owner, it’s imperative that your business location will look attractive to your prospects. How will you win more clients when you can’t properly take care of your lawn? With professional lawn care and groundskeeping, it is guaranteed that your lawn is under the expert’s care. Their years of experience maintaining different kinds of lawn ensures that they will keep yours attractive and healthy. There’s no need to worry about possible damages that may cost you more money down the road.

2. Attracts and Keeps Customers

In business, first impressions often last. You may have highly productive employees and innovative products or services in the market but a potential customer can still judge your business the minute they walk into your business location. The top three factors that would retain customers is quality service, organization and cleanliness. If you have a dirty or unkempt lawn, clients may make the assumption that you are not very professional. It’s important to provide top-notch service to clients, but it’s just as important to take care of the exterior appearance of your business location. Investing in commercial lawn care and groundskeeping ensures that your area will be kept clean and tidy all the time. They are highly experienced and have been helping different businesses over the years. These professionals can help improve the look of your lawn and that in return will contribute to a good first impression.

3. Saves Money

Doing lawn care and groundskeeping on your own can be costly. If you’re not doing this for business, it will be better if you have professionals helping you in keeping your lawn tidy and clean. The cost of snow removal equipment, chemicals and other supplies for maintaining the lawn may be expensive. If you do not want additional expenses for your business, it’s best to hire commercial lawn care instead. The cost doesn’t even include labor yet for lawn care and groundskeeping. Hiring professional lawn care Virginia will be a lot more cost-effective for you as these professionals are equipped with all the tools and equipment needed to improve your loan. Also, you get to avoid having to pay more money for any damages done by inexperienced people or buying the wrong products. 

4. Your Lawn Gets a Revamp

One good reason you need to hire professionals for lawn care and groundskeeping is to improve the look of your business space. These experts know what you need and how to enhance the appearance of your lawn. You can also talk to them about how you want them to design your lawn or allow them to utilize their expertise. It may cost you a little more to hire commercial lawn care and groundskeeping in Virginia but you will also gain more – respect from clients and possibly an increase in sales. Keep in mind that a clean and tidy space also pleases clients. Invest in commercial lawn services and expert more repeat businesses. 

5. Regular Maintenance

It takes time and effort to maintain a lawn. Yard work may include snow removal, cutting weeds, designing and landscaping, getting rid of pests, cleaning, etc. You won’t have time to do all these especially when you are trying to grow your business. You need the help of professionals. By hiring commercial lawn care services, it means that your space gets consistent care on a regular basis. You won’t have to worry about next week or the month after. They will show up on schedule to help you with any tasks needed for proper lawn care. 

How to Choose the Best Professional Lawn Care in Virginia

Select a company that has been in the industry for several years. These professionals are experts in the field as they know how to design, install and maintain different landscape styles. Also, make sure that they can show you a portfolio of their work so you have an idea of how competent they are. Most importantly, choose a company that is dedicated to maintaining healthy relationships with clients and committed to providing only top-notch lawn care services. 

Contact State of the Art Landscape

Do you need lawn care and groundskeeping for your business? Get in touch with us! We provide a variety of landscaping services both for residential and commercial properties. Our years of experience in the industry made us experts in design and maintaining your spaces. We can tackle even the most challenging projects confidently and efficiently. At State of the Art Landscape, we have all the resources to help you enhance and maintain your lawn. Feel free to browse our projects and let us know when you’re ready to schedule an on-site appointment. 


Luxury Lawn Care for Winter: The Ultimate Guide

Virginia may be considered a Southern state, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impervious to cold winters. In fact, the average January low temperature in Northern Virginia is 29 degrees.

When you’re dealing with below-freezing temperatures, it’s important to think about how your lawn will fare through the winter months. The better you take care of your lawn during its dormant season, the better it will come back to life in the spring.

Fortunately, there are a few lawn care tips that will help you prepare your grass for the winter and cultivate solid growth in the spring. 

Read on to learn more about lawn care for winter and find out how lawn care services can make your life a whole lot easier!

Winter Lawn Preparation

In the late fall, it’s time to start watering less and preparing for winter. As you approach below-freezing temperatures, your grass is settling into its dormancy period, and there are a few ways that you can nurture that. Read on to learn what you should do for your lawn leading up to winter.

Mindful Mowing

Generally, you don’t want to mow your lawn too short as this causes more damage than many root systems can fix on their own. In fact, you want to avoid clipping more than 1/3 of your grass at a time.

As the temperature drops, mow your lawn about every 10 to 14 days. On your final mow, cut the grass so that it’s about 3/4 to 1 1/2 inches tall. This is the ideal height to prevent things like snow mold that still allows you to put away the mower for the winter.

Zero-Phosphate Fertilizer

Your soil may be depleted after a steady growing season. Laying some fertilizer just before winter is a great way to replenish the soil for a healthy regrowth period in the fall. We recommend using an organic fertilizer with 0% phosphate.

Why no phosphate? While most plants (grass included) benefit from the presence of phosphorous, it’s possible to overdo it. When soil contains too much phosphorous, the root system of a plant can no longer absorb the other nutrients it needs to thrive.

In other words, save the phosphates for the post-dormancy season!

Clear Out Debris

Make sure that you take care of those end-of-season leaves and remove things like toys, lawn chairs, and firepits from your dormant lawn. Because your grass does not have the conditions it needs to replenish itself regularly, leaving debris on the lawn can smother your grass. These areas then become more susceptible to disease–and become a potential dwelling place for insects and rodents!

Lawn Care in the Winter: What Does Grass Need When It’s Dormant?

The better you prepare for winter by following the steps above, the less you’ll need to do during the cold season. However, that doesn’t mean that all lawn care should cease. Let’s take a look at a few simple steps you can take during the winter to keep your dormant lawn healthy and happy.


Believe it or not, winter is a great time to aerate your lawn! It’s perfectly fine to take care of this step in the late fall, but if that didn’t make your to-do list, don’t sweat it.

Aeration is meant to prevent thatching and compacted soil, two things that make it really difficult for your grass to rejuvenate itself in the spring. Aeration also provides channels for air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots of your grass. This can help the soil from drying out during a dry winter and prevent root rot in a wet winter.

Look Out for Weeds

Winter weeds love a dormant lawn. They’re more than happy to seek out every space where your turf has weakened and completely take over. The problem is that you may not see them until they’ve already established deep roots since many winter weeds germinate in low temperatures and grow in warmer temperatures. 

To prevent weeds from taking over, you can use a selective herbicide or a weed n’ feed style product. However, remember to follow the directions carefully and avoid overusing these products, as they can burn your grass. 

Don’t Remove the Snow

When you shovel that freshly fallen snow from your driveway and walkways, make sure to leave your lawn out of it. It may seem detrimental to leave snow on your dormant lawn, but it actually works to insulate your lawn from extremely low temperatures. Plus, shoveling the snow on your lawn is risky–you may end up digging up big chunks of your turf.

Find a Different Path

Do your best to stay off the lawn during the winter months. If it’s necessary to cross it on foot, try to make sure that you’re not following the same path every time.

Just like debris can smother your grass, so can your feet. Grass isn’t nearly as capable of bouncing back when it’s dormant as it is in the warmer seasons. If you tread the same path every day, you’ll notice that path struggling to regain its lusciousness and color in the spring. 

Let State of the Art Landscape Help with Winter Lawn Care

Northern Virginians take great pride in our lawns and want to make sure they’re in tiptop shape. However, it’s easy to assume that lawn care starts in the spring and ends in the fall. After all, there’s not a whole lot of growth happening in below-freezing temperatures.

The truth, however, is that winter lawn care is a crucial part of year-round maintenance. The better you prepare your lawn for winter, the more vibrant and lush it will be in the spring!

Fortunately, you don’t have to take care of winter lawn care on your own. State of the Art Landscape is proud to serve homeowners and property managers in Northern Virginia. Contact us today to find out more about our services.