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Bring Your Past Time to Your Own Backyard: 5 Sports Court Designs You Didn’t Know You Needed

With so much time spent at home, it’s no surprise we’ve seen a rise in the number of people wanting to update their backyards. Of these updates, one of the most common is for sports.

Whether the hobby is tennis, basketball, hockey, or something else; people are getting creative with their spaces. And, for good reason. Sport court designs can be completely customized to a space. Making it accessible for anyone wanting to add a bit of fun to their home. 

Given how popular sport court designs are becoming, we’ve outlined the five designs you didn’t know you needed until today.

1. Concrete Courts

As one of the more ‘traditional’ designs, the concrete court is one of the more common additions we see at a home. Of course, this design uses concrete as the main building material and base; making it a perfect choice for basketball and tennis enthusiasts.

The process of installation for this type of court is actually pretty straightforward. All that homeowners should be aware of is to make sure that the court is fully dry before painting. For the paint job, you can always go with the game lines as a ‘court.’ However, you should also consider personalizing the paint-job to reflect a favorite team or design.

You will want to have the area assessed by a professional prior to installation, though. This person will be able to walk through the property and ensure that the court will be level and have sufficient drainage to not cause issues in the future.

2. Multi Use Courts

Another trend we’ve been seeing a lot of homeowners asking for is a multi-use sports court. A multi-use court is a great way for owners to get the whole family involved and participate in outdoor activities together. What’s meant by this concept is simply that the court is designed in a way that multiple activities can be used at once.

This can be done simply by painting over a concrete area. For example, to create things like a checkerboard, shuffleboard, and basketball court in one. Additionally, other things could be installed to maximize the space such as a net and tetherball.

Since this design allows owners to customize their court, any size yard will do. But, like any court, before choosing a multi-use one, consider speaking with a professional. That’s because someone like us can have a look at your space and suggest what would work best in terms of size and design. From there, you can begin brainstorming what games you’d like (bowling, basketball, chess, etc.) to turn it into a reality.

3. Rinks

If you’re in a cold climate – chances are you’re a fan of playing hockey. But even if you’re not, an outdoor rink is bound to be fun for the whole family. Although the installation process is quite easy, it can only be installed in homes during colder months.

Many owners also have the misconception that rinks need to be large. However, it can totally be customized to the space. So, whether it’s big or small, consider enhancing your backyard with a multi-purpose rink that can get everyone outside and enjoy the space.

4. Half Courts

 A half-court is exactly that – half of a ‘traditional’ sports court. This is a great idea for owners who are short on space but still want the added benefit of an at-home court. Of course, this design can be further customized to fit a space and activity. For example, it can be designed for basketball, tetherball, bowling, or more. As well, the court can be placed in an area that best suits your home in order to maximize the remaining space in your yard.

5. Alternative Base Options

If concrete or asphalt isn’t your thing, consider an alternative base surface option. This is a great option for those who can’t have a permanent base for a sports court. Instead, this gives owners the option to disassemble and remove the court when it’s not in use or if the weather changes.

These alternative materials usually come as interlocking tiles that are easy to install and provide shock absorption (to prevent injury). It is important to keep in mind that this type of court can be higher in cost for materials. However, it is lower in installation fees.    

At State of the Art, we specialize in outdoor living. This means we know how to maximize your outdoor space. So, if you’re thinking of installing an outdoor sports court, get in touch with us. We can walk you through the process, introduce you to new designs, help with things like land leveling, drainage, pricing, and more.  


If you’d be interested in seeing how these trends could be applied to your backyard, get in touch at 703-421-3666 or email admin@stateoftheartlandscape.com.

5 Deck & Patio Design Trends to Inspire Your Project in 2022

Deck and Patio Design Trends

Plan to spend more time outside than ever before. That’s because decks and patios are becoming extensions of the home in ways that we’ve never seen. From cooking to exercising, entertaining, relaxing, and more; there’s plenty to get excited about when it comes to deck and patio design. Given how excited we are to see these deck and patio design trends take over in 2022, we’ve outlined the top five deck and patio designs that are guaranteed to inspire your next project.

1. Outdoor Kitchens

Building on last year’s momentum, cooking outside has become an increasingly popular trend. And this extends to more than just your everyday BBQ. There are now multiple types of outdoor kitchens available.

For example, a satellite kitchen can enhance a smaller deck by adding things like a grill or pizza oven. These features can even be placed close to the outside door for convenience.

Another option is to include an independent kitchen. We’ve been seeing a lot of owners adding things like a prep space, sink, refrigerator, and storage.

Regardless of what you decide on, keep in mind that these added elements should first be discussed with a professional, like us, who can review your budget, space, and climate to determine what would be right for you.

2. Herb and Vegetable Gardens

We’ve also been seeing an uptick in people wanting to grow their own food. This comes as no surprise given how much time we’ve spent at home the past few years!

As such, many have turned towards gardening and ‘micro gardening.’ This has meant we’ve been seeing tons of flower beds, vertical gardens, and potters being added to spaces.

This trend is also great for people who might not have a tonne of deck or patio space as it can be customized. For example, you can pick from plenty of sizes, styles, and looks. All of which will make it easy to add to a space.

3. Privacy

Given that more people are making use of their deck and patio spaces, more are asking for privacy while out there. This means we’ve been seeing an increase in the demand for additional structures like pergolas, fences, and tall landscaping to create seclusion.

Depending on the space, owners may want to consider adding outdoor drapery to an overhead panel, an outdoor screen, tall planters, or even an umbrella that can give the feel of privacy. Doing this will not only add some style but some much-needed functionality to a space.

4. Outdoor Technology

With so much of our lives heading online, it should come as no surprise that we’ve seen a boom in outdoor technology. Whether you’re watching a movie outside or want to work from home that day; we’ve been seeing an increase of people wanting to optimize their space.

Some of the top requests we’ve been seeing are incorporating speakers, WIFI, and televisions into the area. There is also the option to change out older light bulbs to newer LED ones which can be automated, and connected to the remote control. This allows you to turn them on or off and even change their color.

5. Longer-lasting Items

We’ve also been seeing a rise in people looking for products that extend the outdoor living season. What this means is that things like fire-pits, heat lamps, misting systems, and fans have all been hot products.

These items are trending seeing as people want to extend the amount of time they can use their outdoor space. These are especially great additions to a patio or decks in areas that have colder winters as you’ll be able to use the space for much longer.

Another, more permanent, option would be to build things like a pergola with a covered roof. Or consider adding things like mounted heaters or a fireplace.

You should also consider furniture that’s made out of long-lasting materials like metal, aluminum, or concrete. These items are durable and can withstand even the harshest of elements. Making them great year-round choices for patios and decks.


At State of the Art, we specialize in outdoor living. This means we know how to transform your deck and patio spaces. We can turn underwhelming areas into modern, usable spaces that all will want to enjoy year-round.

If you’d be interested in seeing how these deck and patio design trends could be applied to your space, get in touch at 703-421-3666 or email admin@stateoftheartlandscape.com.

5 Commercial Landscaping Trends to Inspire Your Company Design

Design is so much more than just the interior of a property. With new products, styles, and technologies, having a unique exterior space is becoming a must-have.

A new and exciting design can not only make the property more appealing, but it can make use of vacant space, raise the property’s curb appeal and value, all while maintaining a welcoming environment.

Because we understand how important the outdoor aesthetic is, we’ve compiled the top five commercial landscaping trends that we’ve been loving!

1. Sustainability

The industry has recently seen a huge push towards sustainable landscape initiatives (and for good reason!). Sustainability in landscaping is all about reducing waste, maintaining the environment, and lowering a commercial building’s economic footprint.

For example, using plants that are native to the region helps promote sustainability because they will require less water to maintain. For this reason, many are opting for region-specific plants that will help conserve water.

But investing in sustainable initiatives also helps owners. That’s because it can help save money on maintenance costs. For example, using native plants like wildflowers will lower maintenance costs as they don’t require as much mowing.

 Another example of sustainable landscaping is rooftop gardens. This is another sustainable addition as it adds green space to an unused area. Plus, it can save commercial owners’ money as they often act as a coolant (which will reduce air condition costs). 

2. Gathering Places

We’ve also seen a huge rise in people wanting to add livable outdoor spaces throughout their property. Things like an eating or workout area can really enhance a space.

For owners to make use of this trend, you will need to think of who will be using the space (tenants, employees, community members, etc.). Depending on their needs you may want to consider adding things like comfortable seating, fountains, sculptures, tables, and appealing plants to make it an attractive place to go.

Doing this will not only make the property more appealing to those currently using it but it can help attract a higher-quality tenant who is willing to pay more.

3. Low Maintenance Designs

Another trend we’ve seen a huge rise in this year is low-maintenance designs. Many owners are opting for these as they offer a simple, yet inviting landscape that doesn’t require a lot of help.

These minimalistic designs are especially helpful in urban areas where outdoor space might be limited. In this instance, opting for a simplistic design can help optimize the area, all while making it appear cleaner and more inviting.

This type of design is also ideal for areas where seasons change, and the environment for plants is harder to maintain. Owners can opt for plants that require low maintenance for harsher climates, such as perennials that wouldn’t need replanting. Or, choosing to use stone and mulch in grassy areas can maintain curb appeal all while minimizing maintenance.

4. Craftsmanship

We’ve also been noticing a commercial landscaping trend that moves away from mass-produced products and turns towards artesian-style goods. Now, more people are demanding unique designs that stand out. Things like a well-crafted pergola, bench, or table that have been specially designed and stand out.  

Although some may be deterred by the higher-price point to have a custom-built item, investing in craftsmanship means you’ll end up with pieces that will stand the test of time.

5. Smart Technology

Just like a number of other industries, landscaping has seen some pretty innovative designs come out over the past few years. These enhanced technologies are now able to integrate things like smart lights, sensors, and monitors woven into your landscaping.

These features are perfect for commercial businesses which may want the added security that these features provide. That’s because the technologies can all be uploaded and remotely controlled. This means owners will have the ability to control things like lights remotely. And be notified if any sensors or alarms go off immediately.

Ultimately, with so many design options available, we understand how daunting it can be to pick just one. That’s why we’d suggest speaking with a member of our team. With more than sixty years of combined experience, State of the Art Landscape is able to provide superior landscape services and advice that would best suit your property.

If you’d be interested in seeing how these commercial landscaping trends could be applied to your business, consider getting in touch at 703-421-3666 or contact us here.