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The Top 6 Reasons Owners Need to Hire a Lawncare Professional

A lawn is a crucial part of any household, serving as an outdoor area for recreation and physical activities. Properly maintaining your lawn has numerous benefits for both you and the environment. It prevents soil erosion, provides a habitat for microorganisms, and reflects positively on you as a homeowner. 

A well-manicured lawn can show that you take pride in your home and yard, while an unkempt lawn can convey neglect. With a busy work schedule, family, and personal responsibilities, it can be difficult to devote the necessary time and effort to lawn care. This is where a professional lawn care company comes in – they can help maintain the health and appearance of your lawn, leaving you with more time to focus on other things. 

Let’s Explore the Benefits of Working With a Professional Lawn Care Company in Northern Virginia:

1. Free Up Time

Landscaping and lawn care are very tedious and time-consuming, especially if you have a big yard. The processes involved include weed control, soil enhancement, fertilizer application, mowing, and edging. Trying to handle all these tasks alone will require you to make several trips to your local store and designate a few hours daily to your lawn, which is impossible for people on full-time jobs. Hiring a lawn care professional will free up more time to focus on your hobbies, relax, and spend time with your family. 

2. Saves You Money in the Long Run

DIY lawn care may seem cost-effective, but you will spend more money in the long run. To begin with, you will have to invest in lawn care tools and supplies. If you make a mistake, you will have to redo the work, which wastes your money and time. A professional has the proper knowledge to do the job quickly and effectively. Professionals also buy lawn care products in bulk which saves them money. They know the best plants for your yard and use correct fertilizers and treatment quantities, preventing mistakes so you won’t need to replace your grass each season. 

3. Quality Lawn Care

Professionals will help you achieve the best possible results for your lawn. With their experience, they can quickly spot and fix issues so you will have a lush, green, healthy lawn all year. Maintaining a healthy lawn requires knowing your soil’s pH, nutrient levels, the best plant types, and common pests and diseases that can affect your plants. If you fail to understand such issues, you will have to keep replacing dead plants, which can be very draining. Professionals understand regional and climatic differences, so they recommend the best grass type for your yard. They also know how to handle different pest problems in different seasons.   

4. Access to Experts’ Knowledge and Advice

Landscapers undergo years of training to get state licenses to operate in the lawn care industry. The knowledge and experience in the field go in hand with helping you maintain your lawn in the best way possible. Since most Americans lack lawn care knowledge, hiring a professional gives you access to experts’ advice on maintaining a healthy lawn. They will advise you on how often to water your lawn, the best irrigation systems, and the most viable disease control methods. 

5. Protection From Liabilities

Landscaping and lawn care come with a variety of risks. You can fling an object when mowing into your neighbors’ windows, car shield, or a passerby. Poor handling of landscaping equipment could also lead to personal injuries. Lawn care also involves using harmful chemicals, which can pollute the environment and lead to poisoning when mishandled. The equipment might spill oils onto the lawn killing your plants. The only way to avoid such issues is by hiring a professional. Lawn care companies have general liability insurance, so you won’t have to worry about breaking your sprinkler or a neighbor’s window. Professionals also know how to handle and store chemicals to prevent accidents and contamination. 

6. Access to Industry’s Best Equipment

Using poor lawn care equipment results in poor results. Hire a professional to access state-of-the-art equipment like leaf blowers, edgers, lawnmowers, trimmers, special fertilization tools, and heavy-duty equipment like bulldozers. Professionals know how to handle these tools and can choose the right ones for a specific lawn that guarantees better results. 

Expert Lawn Care Services in Northern Virginia

Proper lawn care is the best way to make your home or commercial property stand out. Hire a professional lawn care company to save yourself the hassle of handling labor-intensive and time-consuming landscaping tasks. Don’t hesitate to contact State of the Art Landscape if you need luxury landscaping services in your Northern Virginia residential or commercial property. We guarantee quality work and excellent customer service.