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7 Questions to Ask a Commercial Snow Removal Service Before Partnering

As a property manager, selecting a commercial snow removal service is a big decision. Who you decide to partner with helps ensure the safety of your tenants and/or employees. After all, the company will be responsible for clearing walkways, deicing paths, and making sure every entrance is accessible.

Given how important snow removal is, we’ve outlined all the questions you should be asking before partnering with a commercial removal service.

1. What is Your Salt Availability?

It’s particularly important to make sure your property is free of ice during the colder months. This means regularly salting all areas around it. From walkways to entrances, steps, parking lots, and more; making sure your property is ice-free is critical to avoid slips and falls.

That’s why you need to ask what a company’s salt availability is like. A reliable company should have ample access to salt, and enough to supply an entire winter. If they don’t, it may be in your best interest to keep looking.

2. Do You Have an Emergency Response Plan?

Another good question to ask a potential snow removal partner is if they have an emergency response plan for when a winter storm is approaching. This is a good question to ask because it gives insight into how prepared they will be.

It also shows you how organized their removal process is, and what the priorities are when particularly bad weather is on the way.

As their partner, you will also want to know how they intend to tackle your property. Including what their response time is, available equipment, and the number of employees in the event of an emergency.

3. What Will Communication be Like?

Since the snow removal company will be partnering with you it’s a good idea to ask how they intend to communicate with you. You should know exactly who to contact and how (by email or phone for example) and if there is a line to report emergencies.

A good follow-up question to ask about their communication style is inquiring about how they intend to relay information to you before, during, and after a storm. For this, you should be looking for one direct point of contact who can let you know what time a contractor will be there, what is being done, and if they will need to return.

4. What Kind of Equipment Do You Use?

Before partnering with a snow removal company, you should pay close attention to what type of equipment they have access to. Knowing the answer to this question is particularly good for large commercial buildings which require heavier equipment.

So, be sure that the company has enough trucks and plows so that the property can be consistently cleared.

5. Do You Have References?

It’s always a good idea to check out reviews of a company before hiring them. This can be done by simply looking into online reviews or asking them if they can provide references from current customers. This is a good way to check with similar-sized property owners to see if they are happy with the service they’ve received.

6. Do You Monitor the Weather?

A good snow removal company knows to diligently monitor the weather. That’s why it’s a good idea to ask companies about how they do it. Partnering with a company that actively monitors the weather means they’ll be prepared and on standby when a storm hits.

7. What Type of Contracts do You Offer?

You don’t want to get stuck in bad contacts. That’s why you should be asking about the type of contacts the removers offer before signing an agreement. Contracts differ depending on the company and can vary in price and scope.

For example, some snow removal companies may offer seasonal, per application, salt by the ton, or a customizable option. Given how many varieties of contracts there are, you’ll want to look for a company that is transparent with its services (and pricing) to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Ultimately, we understand how vital snow removal is to a commercial property. At State of the Art Landscaping, we work with owners to develop a strategy that puts them at ease throughout the whole winter season. So, consider giving yourself peace of mind, regardless of the weather, by getting in touch with us here.

Why Hire Professionals for Commercial Snow Removal?

Snow removal is an essential aspect of winter landscaping services. It gives better access to businesses and keeps customers and workers safe from injuries caused by slips and falls. While it’s normally part of a scheduled maintenance plan for building owners, there are many advantages to hiring a professional to handle your services throughout the entire winter season. 

Reduce Liabilities and Eliminate Fines

Business owners are liable for any accidents or injuries that happen on their property. While expensive liability lawsuits are quick to follow, businesses can avoid injuries caused by ice and snow by outsourcing snow removal to professional services.

In addition to preventing lawsuits, you can also avoid the fines that municipal corporations impose on businesses properties that don’t clear their driveways and sidewalks on time. By entrusting snow removal services to a professional company, you can keep your business operating efficiently and safely in your community.

Avoid Injuries

Shoveling is a great exercise, but only if you’re fit enough to do it. The combination of heavy lifting and extreme cold can turn out to be deadly for those with existing heart problems, a history of high blood pressure, and a sedentary lifestyle.

Common Injuries that can occur while shoveling snow include:

  • Hypothermia from intense temperatures
  • Broken Bones or head injuries from slips and falls
  • Back Problems or heart attacks from overexertion

Hiring a professional company for snow removal can save you and your staff from potential health risks. For those recovering from injury, or for people who can’t move like they used to, outsourcing snow removal services is a necessity.

Eliminate Equipment Costs

The costs of investing in and maintaining equipment required for snow removal are eliminated when hiring professional services. There’s no need to replace damaged shovels, ensure snow blowers are ready for the winter, or stock up on salt. Professional snow removal companies are prepared for snowfalls so that you don’t have to be.

Professional services also have the equipment needed to remove snow from commercial roofs. Keeping roofs clear of heavy snow can help prevent damage, and improve drainage when the snow inevitably melts in the spring.

Keep Property Clear During Holidays

Snowfalls don’t take time off, so neither do professional snow removal services. If your business closes for the holidays, or your staff wants to spend more time with their loved ones instead of shoveling, hiring professionals for snow removal can help free up time during the busy season.

With flexible scheduling, snow removal services can be tailored to meet your schedule. Being able to customize your services to meet the needs of your business can ensure that you get the best value while keeping your customers and staff members safe during high traffic and holiday seasons.

Stress Relief

Snowfalls add another chore for those that already have tight schedules and responsibilities. The added stress of clearing walkways, driveways, and roads can be tough to deal with when there are so many more important things to do.

Instead of disrupting your schedule, outsourcing snow removal can eliminate one more task from your busy work schedule and lifestyle, and be something you don’t have to worry about anymore. 

Professionals Work Faster

A professional snow remover works much faster than the average amateur. Although using the proper equipment helps, their experience is what counts. Professionals do it every single year and with so many different properties, which makes them good at it.

Professionals also customize their processes to meet your needs. Whether your property has a side entrance for deliveries, or if you want to avoid having your grass ruined by snowplow blades, you can customize a plan with your professional snow remover so that they do the work you need them to do, and consistently get it done right.

State of the Art Landscape Snow Removal

Fast response to winter weather conditions is essential for all industrial, commercial, and institutional settings and property managers.

State of the Art Landscape is one of the largest commercial suppliers of snow removal services in Northern Virginia. We provide snow removal, salting, and sanding of roads, drives, parking lots, and pathways at the onset of snowfall for residential and commercial properties.

At State of the Art Landscape, we’re sensitive to clients’ liability exposures. Safety for employees, visitors, and the general public is our priority. Our experienced crews are well trained and are prepared to respond at the first warning of snow, sleet, freezing rain, or any combination of adverse weather.

No matter what Mother Nature throws your way, we provide reliable, efficient, and effective snow removal services for you. Call us today to see how we can help your home or business.