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Why Shrubbery & Tree Trimming Should Be Part of Your Landscaping Routine

Regular trimming of your outdoor plants is crucial. Not only is it needed to maintain the property’s appearance, but it makes sure the space is accessible. Without it, debris, dead leaves, and plants can quickly pile up; resulting in a mess.

Plus, failing to trim can actually impact the overall health of your garden. It can prevent sunlight from penetrating and encourage the growth of diseased or sickly plants. All of which could be detrimental to the garden’s overall health.

Seeing as we understand how important shrubbery and tree trimming is, we’ve outlined the top reasons why it should be a regular part of your landscaping routine.

Tree and Shrub Appearance

The most obvious reason why it’s important to regularly trim your shrubs and trees is that it improves the overall appearance of the plant. Without regular maintenance, plants can quickly grow out of balance with the yard or their own growth pattern. This can result in the branches straying away and impacting other features of the space.

For owners with smaller areas, this is especially important as plants can quickly grow in size; imposing on others. Not only is the size an issue, but having stray and overgrown branches can ruin other areas by growing into it. All resulting in the space looking unkempt and uncared for; something that no owner wants.

But this issue can quickly be resolved with a regular trimming schedule as it ensures the growth pattern remains the same.

Impacts Health

Any dying, diseased, or injured branch should be removed from the plant immediately. That’s because a single damaged branch can impact the overall health of the tree or shrub. These branches take up valuable space and resources causing the healthier portions of the plant to struggle to get the nutrients it needs.

But, cutting off the portions of the plant that are diseased or infected with fungi stops the spread while encouraging sunlight and air circulation to impact the healthier portions.  

Encourage Growth

Pruning a growing shoot stimulates new production. So, for owners wanting some vigorous new growth on their plants, pruning is encouraged. Not only can pruning a growing plant be beneficial, but it will also coax growth spurs on flowering plants and fruit ones.

Growth spurs are important to plants, seeing as it is the area that produces the flowers and fruit. When pruning the plants regularly, the spurs encourage strong buds and air circulation; resulting in lush-looking beds and healthy fruit production.

Enhance Sightlines

It should come as no surprise that overgrown trees and shrubs are unsightly to look at. But, their large size can even impact sightlines to other areas of your property. That’s because they can block other features and be the only thing that people see.

Having trees or shrubs planted close to a property can even impact sightlines from windows. This results in a lack of sunlight entering the property and a blocked view from the interior. But regular pruning and tree trimming help to stop this issue. It spots potential problems and helps to open up views, ensuring that the entire garden is always in view.  


When trees and shrubs grow out of hand, it becomes a health and safety hazard. Added debris from broken trees or shrubs can fall, blocking walkways for pedestrians and vehicles. This can make it difficult for people to navigate around the property and to find the entrance. Plus, if branches break off they are at risk of falling and hurting those on the property.  

Overgrown features can even impact other buildings and structures. Heavy branches and overgrown trees can quickly impact things like fences, telephones, or power lines causing damage and a bigger headache down the line.

That’s why a regular pruning and maintenance schedule is needed to keep the growth of your plants on track.


Shrubbery & Tree Trimming with State of the Art Landscaping

At State of the Art Landscaping, we know the importance of taking care of your outdoor space. We believe that a well-kept exterior reflects the care and pride you put into the property. That’s exactly why our dedicated team helps. We maintain properties year-round; customizing trimming and pruning schedules to ensure your gardens are always looking their best.

So, if you’re interested in seeing how pruning and trimming can improve the appearance of your plants, consider getting in touch with a member of our team today by contacting us today.