How Virtual Reality is Changing Landscape Design

Virtual Reality is one of the most exciting, engaging technologies today, and it’s completely changing how we experience movies, video games, architecture, and even landscape design. That’s right! Now, you can see your future backyard in 3D virtual reality, and the experience is truly mind blowing!

At State of the Art Landscape, we offer the latest in virtual reality tools and software—which is a big part of what truly makes us “State of the Art.” Using the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality experience, we transform the average trip through the backyard into an incredibly awesome experience. Why look at a drawing, when you can truly visualize what the real thing will look like once it’s done?

Can’t make up your mind on a pool shape or edge trim? Can’t decide what water features you would like, or how your lighting should look? Now you can! With virtual reality, our ability to show these complex concepts will give you the comfort of knowing what the end result will look like. And that is not the only reason we offer this. To us, virtual reality is a big part of the feedback process. Using virtual reality, our clients can truly experience the space and then we will work together to determine expectations.

We are excited to offer virtual reality and to get client feedback, as your complete 100% satisfaction with our landscaping solutions is always our number one priority. If you are ready to add more depth and detail to your landscape design, we at State of the Art Landscape are ready to start sharing even more immersive experiences with you! Contact us today for a no-cost consultation.

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