Reasons For A Regimented Lawn Treatment Program

All lawns and landscapes require proper nutrients and monitoring to stay healthy, lush, and green. They also need the right nutrients at the right time of year to promote the type of growth that will endure the changing seasons’ demands. Not following a regimented plan can result in damage to your lawn, spotty growth areas, drought damage, disease, weed infestation and insect problems.

To promote strong plant roots and healthy new growth, State of the Art Landscape offers multiple regimented lawn treatment programs to ensure our clients have the best turf in the neighborhood.

Early Spring

Early spring fertilization is essential after a long winter when your lawn is deprived of proper nutrients. As warm weather approaches, plants need nutrients to ensure a fast “green-up” in order to get the juices flowing and start regenerating new growth. This is the time of year we also get a jump on summer weed growth by use of pre-emergent herbicides to stop weeds seeds from germinating as the temperature starts to rise. Crabgrass is our number one target in early spring.

Late Spring

In late spring, weeds love to invade your lawn and soak up all the nutrients in your soil. Our method of combating this invasion is to use selective post emergent herbicides in coordination with additional fertilizer to hinder weed growth while strengthening the desirable plants around them to prevent their return.


Summer brings hot weather, lack of rainfall, and lots of outdoor insects and pests to your lawn and landscape. Summer fertilization provides extra nutrients that help to combat heat stress and lawn diseases while we move to liquid post emergent weed controls. Deeper roots from a regimented year long program will pay huge dividends when resources get scarce in the summer heat.

Early Fall

As summer heat gives way to cooler evenings, our cool season turfgrasses experience some of their best growing environments they’ll see all year. With this opportunity in mind, we capitalize on the fall season by pushing fertilizers and new seed along with aeration to encourage deep root growth. Whereas spring focuses on greening up the lawn, the focus in fall is below the soil trying to introduce vital nutrients and water to the areas below grade. Deeper, stronger roots are the hallmark of a great turf stand and the early fall from September to late October is the most vital time of our turf calendar.

Late Fall

Fertilization is recommended in late fall to help your lawn and landscape plants survive a cold winter. It also helps to jump start healthy new growth in the spring.

Experienced, professional landscapers, such as State of the Art Landscape, can do an analysis of your existing landscape to determine what type of soil and grass you have and evaluate your existing landscape conditions. This analysis can help to determine the best program for your landscape. Want a healthy, well-maintained lawn and landscape? Contact us today for a quote. We would love to have the opportunity to work with you. Call us directly at 703-421-3666 or click here.


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