Stone Garden Wall Basics

Stone garden walls are undeniably gorgeous and can turn what would otherwise be a plain, boring backyard into an incredibly warm, inviting one. By using stone in the garden, we can create retaining walls or accent walls that are made of natural stones of different varieties, based on your preferences and garden style.

Stone garden walls can be dry stacked, set with mortar, or we can use manufactured products to create these features. We cap our walls with products that will enhance the look of the walls as well as provide additional use as in the case of a seat wall.

Stone Retaining Walls

A stone retaining wall is a special kind of wall, which has to not only support itself, but has to actively hold back pressure from the material behind it.

At State of the Art Landcape, we:

  • use stone and techniques that resist the pressure being applied by the weight behind the wall.
  • build a structural base to ensure the integrity of our work and to meet local engineering codes.
  • understand that water or hydrostatic pressure behind walls is unacceptable and the number one reason for wall failure. The increased weight of wet gravel or earth, and the high risk of heaving due to frost, can threaten the wall. Thus drainage is important.
  • utilize proper garden tiering to create an aesthetic appearance as well as to not force pressure on lower walls from upper wall surge
  • make your wall a part of your landscape that marries well with your home, your tastes, and your lifestyle.

Stone Accent Walls

Similar to stone retaining walls, the addition of a stone accent wall to the exterior of your home will really amp up its curb appeal or provide great interest in your rear yard entertaining space! These walls create the architecture for delineating our outdoor rooms in the landscape. We use accent walls to create front courtyards, provide a seat along patio spaces, divide one garden room from another and as locations to provide additional landscape lighting.

Call Us to Build Your Stone Garden Wall!

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