Residential Services

Your home’s landscaping plays a huge role in its overall appearance. Step outside and take a good look at yours. Is it everything you would like it to be?

For many of us, the exterior of our homes is a beautiful landscape just waiting to break out. We here at State of the Art Landscape are prepared to make that happen for you. Whether you’re looking for a full-service landscaper or simply need a professional to help supplement your own efforts, we’ve got you covered. Together, we’ll get the exterior of your home looking just the way you envision.

At State of the Art Landscape, we proudly serve homeowners in Northern Virginia and throughout the Washington, D.C. area, who are looking to take their landscapes to a new level. No matter your situation, we can help.

With the level of investment our clients put into their outdoor living projects, we believe that 3D design is imperative. In offering detailed 3D designs to clients, we have found that those who call us on unsure ground about their project are usually the most excited to move forward once we’ve shown them how their house will look with our suggestions.

We also offer strategic project management services for our clients on scopes such as home construction, land development, estate/generational site planning, overall estate maintenance and owner’s representative services.

Here’s what we can do for you:

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Our design-build services include those you’d expect from a leading landscaping and outdoor construction firm in our market, and so much more. The projects we develop are always changing whether they involve elegant gardens, diverse masonry projects, swimming pools, pavilions, deck structures, or outdoor kitchens. State of the Art Landscape offers a “no fear” approach as we customize a plan and project to create the types of spaces that make your property unique while fitting your outdoor lifestyle. We are never afraid to design and build your vision, no matter what that may be!

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With so many ways to define “Maintenance” and so many levels of sophistication, State of the Art Landscape is pleased to offer a concierge-style menu of services to our clients so they can control the detailing of their property’s exterior. Our management staff works directly on each of our sites to increase the curb appeal and overall kept of the landscape and continues to enhance it with timely suggestions on improvements.

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Usually combined with our overall Design-Build services, State of the Art Landscape constructs gunite swimming pools for our clients on a regular basis. Having the ability to offer amazing landscape services and swimming pool construction under one roof is unique to State of the Art Landscape. While most landscape firms subcontract to an outside pool builder or have the client handle the pool building on their own, we strive to offer a one-stop solution for our clients so they don’t have to play the role of project manager. Our pools are handled with a custom approach including dedicated on-site management, the latest in pool equipment and techniques, coordination of all outside/inside trades and ongoing care after completion. We specialize in building pools where others say they can’t be constructed!

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Turfgrass can sometimes be finicky to figure out between competition with weeds, disease, fungus, bare spots, and overall turf health. Allow us to approach these problems head on with customizable programs after an initial pH analysis and on site evaluation. Our knowledgeable and fully licensed staff knows the right mix and timing to get your turf in top shape to ensure a great look all season long. We also offer a fantastic organic turf program that allows for beautiful lawns with extremely low chemical usage.

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Snow removal has become a science and an industry that can stand alone. At State of the Art Landscape, we feature dedicated snow removal management staff ready to tackle the most difficult storms. We keep a tight watch on the facilities we help to stay clear and safe throughout the winter months.