Luxury backyard pool with hot tub and waterfall

5 Elements of a High-End Pool

Dreaming of summer heat, cool refreshments, and relaxation around the water? For those considering upgrading or adding a pool to their property, here are five of the most popular pool design features for high-end pools.

1. Elegant Water Features

Including water features in a pool design helps to add elements of visual interest, create an ambiance of soothing background noise to drown out neighbors or nearby traffic and provide a cooling factor to the air around the pool. There are many different kinds of water features, including:

  • Fountains, water misters and waterfalls
  • Bubbler jets, canon jets, and laminar jets
  • Sprays, weirs, and sheer descents
  • Rain curtains and spillways
  • Fireplaces and pits

While waterfalls and fountains are examples of elements that create eye-catching visuals, fireplaces offer a striking contrast to complete your property design. Combining certain design elements will help extend the outdoor season into the fall and early winter, and is certain to always draw a crowd when entertaining.

2. Automation, Technology and Energy Efficiency

Technological capabilities of controlling, monitoring and maintaining a swimming pool have become much easier with the use of a smartphone or tablet. With apps on your iPhone and iPad, you can easily control and turn on spas, lights, fountains and other aspects of your pool on-demand and from anywhere.

Energy efficiency has also come to the forefront of swimming pools and equipment. With the advancements of LED pool lighting, variable speed pumps, and more efficient heaters, the power demands to run a pool are greatly reduced and can help impact that monthly electrical bill. The color capabilities of LED lighting can also allow you to tailor the color of the pool to any mood or for any party setting.

Since the swimming pool is an attraction and gathering place for friends and family, there are many additional opportunities to add some amenities that enrich the outdoor experience. In the audio/video realm, there are floating and underwater speakers to keep the music flowing, along with projection screens to let you host your own dive-in movie. For the kids, there are many other recreational elements that can be included such as volleyball nets, basketball goals, slides, swings, swim jets, and even climbing walls.

3. Infinity and Negative Edge Pools

One of the more dramatic high-end pool elements is an infinity or negative edge pool. These pools eliminate the traditional coping and bring water right to the edge. They are typically associated with a sloping property or dramatic views but can be used in many different aspects to create a spectacular detail around the pool.

Infinity edges are great for pools on an elevated area, or with a clear view. Eliminating the hard edge of a pool can make it appear larger, and will make your backyard feel like a true resort getaway.

4. Zero Entry

A zero-entry swimming pool, otherwise known as a beach entry pool, has an edge or entry that gradually slopes from the pool deck into the water, getting deeper with each step, much like a natural beach. A favorite feature of the beach entry pool is the ability to sunbathe in the shallow area with partial submersion.

The shallow end provided by the beach entry allows children to have an area to play and splash without having to worry about them being in water that is too deep. The absence of stairs also helps make the pool more accessible for those with limited mobility.

5. Integrated Hot Tubs

Rather than having a separate hot tub away from your swimming pool, consider an attachment hot tub that can be seamlessly attached to your pool. They are more practical, visually appealing and can integrate with your existing pool system.

An elevated hot tub will provide a view of the pool and backyard landscape along with multiple entries. On the other hand, sunken hot tubs with pool spillover can add visual interest to your pool design. While both of these elements are popular, the design should fit with the overall landscape of your property.

If combining your hot tub into your pool design isn’t an option or your preference, a hot tub and gazebo combination makes a bold and eye-catching addition to any backyard landscape. It draws attention to your spa and provides shelter from the sun, outdoor debris such as falling leaves, rain and other outdoor elements.

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