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3 Spaces Your Outdoor Needs: Outdoor Kitchen, Fire Pit, The Pool

We can all agree that a winning backyard design can bring a whole new dimension to the home. Frankly, the importance of outside spaces is greater than ever in a post-Covid world as we have all become accustomed to spending more time at home.

While 71.5 million American households are blessed with gardens, though, very few fail to maximize the potential of their outdoor spaces. If you’re looking to transform your backyard design ahead of the summer season, there are three essential features you need to add: an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, and a pool.

Here’s how you can build a better garden for all the family.

Outdoor Kitchen

The garden is a wonderful setting to entertain friends, enjoy time with family, or even relax alone. While many households already support these functions with a garden patio, incorporating an outdoor kitchen will take outdoor living to the next level.

Demand for outdoor kitchens is growing at a rapid pace, which is underlined by the industry’s CAGR of 6.3%. Having a fully equipped kitchen that includes a grill, refrigerator, and seating area will deliver a whole host of benefits, such as;

  • A more social cooking and dining experience,
  • Luxury aesthetics and experiences,
  • Convenience when wanting to eat outside,
  • A chance to enjoy the summer sun,
  • Encourage healthy eating habits,
  • Increased property value.

An outdoor kitchen adds practicality, function, and style while also helping your home stand out from the crowd. Perfect.

Fire Pit

Washington may be blessed with warmth throughout the summer season, but temperatures do drop in the evenings as well as in the winter months. Adding a fire pit will bring warmth to the outside spaces, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors late into the night.

The fire pit market size is growing by 5.8% annually while they are viewed as one of the most sought-after features in luxury garden designs. Built-in designs are particularly popular for homeowners seeking an iconic look. Here’s why they appeal;

  • Fire pits transform outside spaces by offering year-round enjoyment,
  • They create a romantic ambience for home date nights,
  • They also create a peaceful ambience for family or group entertainment,
  • Keeping the garden seating area warm is cheaper than heating the home,
  • A wide range of designs fit into any garden theme,
  • Bioethanol fire pits offer a more eco-friendly option.

Whether designing an entirely new outdoor setting or looking to revamp the existing garden atmosphere, this is an ideal solution.

The Pool

When thinking about luxury additions, incorporating swimming pool installations into your garden design stands out as the obvious choice. It is a feature that has long been associated with luxury living and style, not least if you choose the right designs.

Only an estimated 8% of households boast a swimming pool, which means yours will stand out. The visual opportunities are endless thanks to a range of designs including lap pools, infinity pools, and natural pools. Other key features include;

  • Support a healthier lifestyle with more exercise,
  • Provide the perfect activity for family social gatherings,
  • Incorporate hot tubs for optimal relaxation,
  • Bring the garden design together,
  • Add significant value and appeal to the home,
  • Know that the feature can provide years of happiness.
  • Swimming pools add value to the home as well as your life while completely transforming outdoor spaces for the better. It is the #1 luxury upgrade for a reason.

Cultivating A Luxury Backyard Design That Lasts

Knowing that you need a pool, fire pit, and outdoor kitchen is one thing but bringing it together for years of happiness is another. Focus on the features below and you won’t go wrong.

Integration & Cohesion

When creating your luxury backyard design, it’s not only important to focus on the look of individual features. You will need a pool, fire pit, and outdoor kitchen that work in unison to achieve the desired ambiance. Furthermore, they should seamlessly integrate with existing landscaping and architecture. For example, trees can provide privacy for your pool area, but you must avoid positioning the structure too close to aggressive root systems.

Customization & Personalization

While inspiration may be taken from several sources, you should not ignore the fact that the key to success comes from building a backyard design that aligns with your needs. Choices should reflect your personal tastes and lifestyle requirements. Some customization options include outdoor lighting, furniture, and intricate landscaping features. A tailored setting will provide a solid foundation to enjoy the outdoor spaces to the max.

Maintenance & Sustainability

Building a better garden design is one thing, but true success comes from maintaining it. While professional maintenance services will help maintain the function and aesthetic, you can make life easier with smarter design choices. Eco-friendly, sustainable, and low-maintenance materials will all have a positive impact. Better still, the timeless trends are sure to keep a smile on your face for the long haul.

Investment & Value

The success of your backyard design upside can be defined in many ways. However, the financial returns should be considered a key factor. The outdoor kitchen, fire pit, and pool can become a fantastic long–term investment when you create well-designed spaces. Garden spaces are known to add value and appeal, but placing an added emphasis on the ROIs when researching design ideas will help you make calculated decisions.

Boost Your Backyard With A Luxury Design & Build Landscape Company In Northern, VA

When looking for ways to enhance your garden spaces for a better quality of life as well as increased property value, there are several possible solutions. Outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and pools are certain to deliver functional rewards while also creating a better atmosphere.

To unlock the full potential of your garden by developing enjoyable outdoor living spaces, contact State of the Art Landscape today.



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