5 Tips for Developing a Stunning Employee Outdoor Break Area

Your employees work hard for you. They’re dedicated, loyal, and committed to getting the job done. But, after a long day of work – does your facility have a place they can go to relax? If not, we can help.

State of the Art Landscape knows firsthand that owners need to take care of their workers. That’s why nothing says ‘thank you’ like their own place to retreat for a break.

Given how much we believe that an outdoor employee break area can transform a workplace, we’ve outlined five tips for creating an outdoor area your workers will love.

1. Create an Eating Space

Outdoor breaks are excellent ways to foster employee work relationships. So, what better way to encourage them to mingle and interact than by creating an eating space outdoors? After all, if workers are constantly on a computer all day or working hard at a warehouse they can go hours without face-to-face interaction. So, solve this issue by creating a gathering space like an outdoor eating area.

This can be as simple as creating a space with tables and chairs for people to sit and have a meal. Or consider elevating the space to include things like a prep counter, fridge, and other appliances.

For owners that live in areas where the weather might be an issue try covering the eating area with something like a pergola or an all-weather patio (equipped with heating). That way, your workers have an enjoyable and usable space to go.

2. General Gathering Areas

Another great idea that you may want to consider adding to your outdoor break area is some general seating. This seating should be separate from the eating area and be used as a place to get some quiet.

To do this, owners should invest in comfortable seating and accessories that encourage employees to get cozy. Things like benches, chairs, and stools can be made more inviting by covering them with pillows, cushions, or throws. In turn, giving workers a serene place to get away from the demands of their jobs.

3. Make It Inviting

No worker wants to go to an outdoor space that looks dated and uncared for. That’s why it’s important for owners to pay attention to the smaller details of their outdoor break space. Consider making it more inviting by planting flowers or investing in some beautiful planters. Owners should also invest in making the area accessible with things like a walkway (which can be made of stone, brick gravel, or other building materials) that leads to it.

4. Ensure There’s Shade

Be sure there is ample shade (especially if you live in an area that’s particularly sunny) that way employees will be able to use it year-round. If you’re in an area of direct sunlight, consider blocking the seating areas with overhead and all-weather cover. But, if you want to keep in some sunlight consider a pergola or even planting dense shrubs and tall trees to help block it.

5. Add a Space to Work

There are a lot more employers investing in outdoor work areas. This modem idea is a great way to maximize every inch of space around a property. That’s because workers will have the ability to move outside to get the job done. Plus, doing this can give them a much-needed mood boost. Something that every worker could use a little help with.


To create a great workspace for your employees, you will need an area with tables or desks that has access to outlets to plug in laptops or phones. Also, consider installing an all-weather clock, so employees are aware of what time it is while they work away.

Ultimately, owners should understand the value of investing in their employee’s happiness. When employees have workable spaces that encourage them to relax they will feel appreciated and cared for. In turn, bringing a more positive attitude to others and their job.

At State of the Art Landscaping, we know the importance of taking care of your outdoor space and those that use it. We believe that a well-kept exterior reflects the care and pride you put into it which is why we pride ourselves on creating great outdoor areas. We can assess, customize, and build an outdoor break room that employees deserve.

So, if you’re interested in seeing how an outdoor break room can improve your workplace, consider getting in touch with a member of our team today by contacting us today.