How the Right Outdoor Lighting Can Transform Your Backyard into a Luxury Experience

Outdoor lighting should be a priority when it comes to your home. That’s because the right lighting will make the space more functional, safe, and appealing at all hours of the day.  

This means that lighting should be placed around all areas of the property. Not just in its darkest corners, but its entirety should have ample features.

Since no one knows how to take care of an outdoor area as we do, we’ve outlined how the right outdoor lighting can transform a space below.

Upgraded Bulbs

Maybe you’re thinking that you already have outdoor lighting. But, the type of bulb you use impacts the look and feel of the space. That’s because outdated bulbs won’t be as bright or impactful.

That’s why we suggest upgrading systems to LED light fixtures. Most of these switches are simple as it just requires a bulb to be replaced (opposed to installing a new mounting).  But, the difference is notable. LEDs enable highlighted features such as walkways, entrance doors, and gathering spaces.

Being able to highlight these makes it safer (as there won’t be any dim corners) and much more appealing to guests.

Lighting Controls 

Outdoor lighting can also be customized to a space. For example, there is now lighting technology that enables owners to remotely control or automate its settings. These settings can then be programmed to switch on and off at specific times of the day.

This will mean that your outdoor space is appropriately lit, regardless of where you are. One example of this is dusk to dawn sensors, which will automatically turn off the lights during the day.

Additionally, there are also lights that have motion control. That way, it can help illuminate a space as it’s being used and switch off when it’s not.

Enhanced Appeal 

Lighting helps showcase the best features of a property. And, what owner wouldn’t want their most impressive areas highlighted for all to see? That’s why it’s so important to have bright, effective lighting to amplify the space.

Lighting can be used to enhance places like eating areas and tables (with things like solar floodlights). Additionally, adding smaller accent lights on things like potted plants, a garden, or a fountain can all capture its beauty and draw attention directly to it. 

Extending Spaces

Lighting can transform outdoor spaces into livable ones. That’s because proper lighting makes pathways and gathering areas bright and appealing. This encourages people to go outside to use it as they’ll likely feel like the space is welcoming.

Further, not having the proper lighting to guide people to the areas can make it confusing and leave them wondering what the space should be used for. But, proper lighting aims to solve this issue.

The right lighting features can be used to highlight pathways that will encourage owners and visitors to make the most of the space.

Customized Features

 With so many lighting options to pick from, customizing your space has never been easier. There are plenty of advanced and unique lighting ideas that can be integrated into a design.

This can transform a typical outdoor area into something unique, modern, and (of course) luxurious. Otherwise, using standard bulbs and lighting features could leave a backyard feeling dated and seem as if minimal care has gone into it. But, thoughtful lighting makes these concerns a thing of the past.

 Owners can now select from a number of designs such as path, accent, or highlighting additions. Lighting can even be used to create silhouetting or shadowing that will either illuminate a backdrop (such as a tree or garden) or create a shadow effect on it.

 Additionally, the position of the lights can be used to enhance the look of a space. Using up-lighting and down-lighting can create an impressive artistic touch.

For example, up-lighting can be used against the side of a wall to showcase things like sculptures, ivy, or mosaics. Alternatively, downlighting can be used to highlight an accent feature. For example, by placing a light high up and casting it downward, it can be used to feature stonework on a pathway or even a garden.  


At State of the Art, we specialize in landscaping. This means we know how to transform your backyard spaces. We can turn underwhelming and poorly designed areas into luxurious experiences that all will want to enjoy.

If you’d be interested in seeing how lighting could better your backyard, get in touch at 703-421-3666 or email