Plunge Pool Ideas for Compact Yards

Many homeowners in Northern VA would love a swimming pool in their backyards. Like everyone else, they want a refreshing social space to enjoy sunny afternoons and weekends.

But, unfortunately, they don’t always have room. Conventional pools require a lot of space, and that’s not always available in many backyards.

Fortunately, there’s a solution: plunge pools. These are small enough to fit on compact plots but still offer the same fun and reinvigorating experience as conventional alternatives.

Are you considering getting a plunge pool for a compact yard? If so, this post can help you. It explores various tips for choosing a plunge pool and designs worth considering.

Tips for Choosing a Plunge Pool

Choosing a plunge pool isn’t always straightforward. So here we run through various factors you should think about before arranging an installation.

Factors to consider for compact yards:


First, you’ll want to consider the size of the plunge pool before you put any money down. Plunge pools usually range from 64-128 sq. ft. However, you can get larger versions up to 240 sq. ft. if you have the room.

Evidently, the larger the pool, the more versatile it is. Small plunge pools are great for relaxing with friends and enjoying drinks, while larger ones can be used for exercise.


You also want to consider the shape of your plunge pool to ensure you are utilizing small spaces effectively. Most plunge pools are rectangular, but they don’t have to be. Ultra-narrow pools can be a delightful addition to backyards with limited space, and you can get some special versions in C-shapes that can turn around tight corners.


Lastly, you’ll want to consider the location of the pool – where you place it on your plot. You might need it to hug the fence to create a space for a walkway between the installation and your patio or bring it close to your pergola for convenience. Ultimately, the best locations are the ones that will make you use your pool the most.

Types of plunge pools

You should also consider the type of plunge pool you want to install. There are two broad categories: built-in and above-ground:


Above-ground plunge pools stick out from the ground (a bit like raised flower beds). These are like giant baths made of fiberglass, wood, metal, or a combination of the three depending on the manufacturer.

People like above-ground pools because they are affordable and easy to install. Very little building work is required and they can look good if finished to a high standard.


Built-in plunge pools are made of similar materials, but set into the ground. As a premium option, they are more expensive than above-ground pools, but also more customizable.

Builders start by marking out the area where the pool will go. Then, they begin the excavation before installing the membrane, floor, sidewalls, and filter units.

As you might expect, built-in pools take longer to fit, but they also offer more customization options. You can style them however you want and dig them to match the shape of a small backyard.

Design Ideas for Plunge Pools in Compact Yards

Here are some ideas for plunge pools in compact yards:

Multi-level plunge pool

A multi-level is a type of plunge pool with sections of varying heights. These add to visual interest and give the installation a premium feel.

Homeowners can also use them to give their pool different zones. For example, you might have a shallow lounging area with a deeper section for swimming.

Corner plunge pool

A corner plunge pool is another option for space-constrained backyards. These fit around – you guessed it – a corner, and are visually interesting in their own right.

The main benefit of this option is the space it opens up for planting or reclining. However, corner shapes can limit the swimming area (or force you to make tight turns).

Narrow plunge pool

Narrow plunge pools are another elegant option for bijou spaces. These corridor-like installations help you squeeze as much as possible out of a tight space. These are suitable for lengths and plunging, but not ideal for parties and entertaining.

Plunge pool with a built-in spa

Lastly, you might consider installing a plunge pool with a built-in spa. These help to make the experience more relaxing and refreshing with additional features, like massage jets and water spouts. Once you’ve finished in the pool, you can recline and enjoy the surrounding decking.

Hire a Luxury Pool Design & Build Landscaper in Northern Virginia

So there you have it:– all the plunge pool ideas you need for compact yards. If you’d like to install one on your property, hire State of the Art Landscaping for professional results.