Explore These 3 Stunning Patio Design Trends, Perfect for Summer

As we bid goodbye to the harsh winter weather, we begin to look towards the warmer months, and with warmer climates comes a whole new set of questions about our garden. What should we add to it? Should we make any changes at all? When should we start? The answer to the latter is as soon as possible so you can make the most of the wonderful summer months. If you’re looking to make changes to your patio design, there are a whole heap of options available. Let’s show you some of the key patio design trends for the summer.

Incorporating Plants

Plants have earthy tones that are always at home in your garden and will elevate your patio space, and a few of the following looks will work wonders:

Garden of Eden

A wild, earthy Garden of Eden sensation can be perfect for patios. You can incorporate this by mixing inedible plants with the rest of your landscape and incorporating pollinator and bird-friendly plants, organic products, and being mindful of the health of the soil.

The “New Victorian” Look

Incorporating traditional garden plants such as hollyhock, hydrangeas, lilacs, and roses provides a palette of feminine colors such as white, purple, and pink. To get this look, opt for purple flowers and fragrant roses.

Scandinavian Minimalism

The Danish concept of hygge can be excellent for those on a budget. Incorporating plants that cascade over stone and exude a dreamy type quality, such as conifers and junipers.

Reinvigorating the Flow

One of the most essential design trends at any time of year is incorporating the feel of the space:

Sensory Pathways

Creating pathways with a crunch of gravel underfoot or naturalistic stone involves making space to recharge and activate the senses. You can also play with aroma as well as texture; for example, featuring items like lavender that have an amazing smell. A great landscape designer will ensure that your time out in the garden and patio is a sensory one that should create a relaxing outdoor living space that you can enjoy throughout the summer months.

The Indoor-Outdoor Flow

We should treat patios and terraces as logical extensions of the interior living spaces, and this includes furnishings that mimic the dining area of your home and exude more high-end living, making your space feel just like home.

Consistent Floorings and Roof Extensions

You can extend the roof to cover more of the patio to provide shelter, allowing the doors of your home to remain open even in unpredictable weather. But you can also use continuous flooring from the indoor space to the patio to provide that sense of continuity.

The Right Pieces of Furniture

Furniture will forever be an amazing design trend because it will dictate how your space feels and looks in equal measure:

Sustainable Pieces

There is a greater demand for high-quality sustainable furniture that is durable and built to last, keeping it out of landfills. Using responsibly sourced wood, recycled materials, and eco-conscious fabrics can help you do your bit for the planet but also go a long way to incorporate a natural, earthy feel into your space.

Eucalyptus Furniture

The eucalyptus wood is incredibly durable and resistant to rotting and decay, making it an eco-friendly choice for furniture. For decor, you could contrast the lighter tones of the eucalyptus wood with stronger accents such as bright pillows or placements.

Indoor Quality Furnishings

If you are going to work with your landscape designer on a patio design that will make you want to return to the garden during the summer and every other season, outdoor furniture that mirrors the indoor quality can be incredibly functional in small spaces. Outdoor spaces should be seen as extensions of the living areas, providing an emphasis on comfort and relaxation.

Boost Your Patio This Summer with a Full-service Design & Build Landscaping Company in Northern VA

The summer months are the perfect opportunity to spend more time outdoors. The patio should be a logical extension of your home but needs to be a striking part of your garden in its own right.

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