Bring Your Past Time to Your Own Backyard: 5 Sports Court Designs You Didn’t Know You Needed

With so much time spent at home, it’s no surprise we’ve seen a rise in the number of people wanting to update their backyards. Of these updates, one of the most common is for sports.

Whether the hobby is tennis, basketball, hockey, or something else; people are getting creative with their spaces. And, for good reason. Sport court designs can be completely customized to a space. Making it accessible for anyone wanting to add a bit of fun to their home. 

Given how popular sport court designs are becoming, we’ve outlined the five designs you didn’t know you needed until today.

5 Sports Court Designs You Didn’t Know You Needed

1. Concrete Courts

As one of the more ‘traditional’ designs, the concrete court is one of the more common additions we see at a home. Of course, this design uses concrete as the main building material and base; making it a perfect choice for basketball and tennis enthusiasts.

The process of installation for this type of court is actually pretty straightforward. All that homeowners should be aware of is to make sure that the court is fully dry before painting. For the paint job, you can always go with the game lines as a ‘court.’ However, you should also consider personalizing the paint-job to reflect a favorite team or design.

You will want to have the area assessed by a professional prior to installation, though. This person will be able to walk through the property and ensure that the court will be level and have sufficient drainage to not cause issues in the future.

2. Multi Use Courts

Another trend we’ve been seeing a lot of homeowners asking for is a multi-use sports court. A multi-use court is a great way for owners to get the whole family involved and participate in outdoor activities together. What’s meant by this concept is simply that the court is designed in a way that multiple activities can be used at once.

This can be done simply by painting over a concrete area. For example, to create things like a checkerboard, shuffleboard, and basketball court in one. Additionally, other things could be installed to maximize the space such as a net and tetherball.

Since this design allows owners to customize their court, any size yard will do. But, like any court, before choosing a multi-use one, consider speaking with a professional. That’s because someone like us can have a look at your space and suggest what would work best in terms of size and design. From there, you can begin brainstorming what games you’d like (bowling, basketball, chess, etc.) to turn it into a reality.

3. Rinks

If you’re in a cold climate – chances are you’re a fan of playing hockey. But even if you’re not, an outdoor rink is bound to be fun for the whole family. Although the installation process is quite easy, it can only be installed in homes during colder months.

Many owners also have the misconception that rinks need to be large. However, it can totally be customized to the space. So, whether it’s big or small, consider enhancing your backyard with a multi-purpose rink that can get everyone outside and enjoy the space.

4. Half Courts

 A half-court is exactly that – half of a ‘traditional’ sports court. This is a great idea for owners who are short on space but still want the added benefit of an at-home court. Of course, this design can be further customized to fit a space and activity. For example, it can be designed for basketball, tetherball, bowling, or more. As well, the court can be placed in an area that best suits your home in order to maximize the remaining space in your yard.

5. Alternative Base Options

If concrete or asphalt isn’t your thing, consider an alternative base surface option. This is a great option for those who can’t have a permanent base for a sports court. Instead, this gives owners the option to disassemble and remove the court when it’s not in use or if the weather changes.

These alternative materials usually come as interlocking tiles that are easy to install and provide shock absorption (to prevent injury). It is important to keep in mind that this type of court can be higher in cost for materials. However, it is lower in installation fees.    

Call A Design & Build Landscaper in Northern Virginia To Design Your Sport Court

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