Boost Your Store’s Curb Appeal with These 4 Landscaping Upgrades

Physical marketing has become an underrated method in recent years. Indeed, elements like commercial landscaping can feel like a lost art. But your business can benefit here, as the more you look after your company’s physical image, the stronger your customer traffic will become.

Consider your street side image for a moment. It’s what a customer sees when they look you up online, thanks to Google street view, and in reviews posted by previous customers. Your offline efforts have an online reach as well! So, if you want to appeal to a customer in every way possible, you shouldn’t forget about your business’ curb appeal.

4 Landscaping Upgrades for Your Storefront

Tidy Up the Pathway

This is the first job to tackle on a curb appeal renovation checklist. A tidy pathway is an easy way into your business, as it’s inviting to a potential customer. A tidy pathway is a welcome before any staff have even had the chance to greet them. It’s also the best way to catch the eye on a street that’s otherwise cluttered with competitors who don’t invest in their physical image.

Indeed, a tidy street also presents a much more professional image. Store fronts that are cluttered with discarded debris and weeds are always going to be at a disadvantage. If you don’t want your store to fall into that same trap, make sure you clear away any garbage, trim back lawn edges, and power spray dirt build ups away.

Light it Up

If a customer can’t see your store front, they’re not going to come in. That makes light a hugely important but largely forgotten element of commercial landscaping. Light provides plenty of illumination in spots where you need it, but it also adds a sense of depth to your business’ branding.

After all, light can make things look bigger or smaller, and adjust the perspective accordingly, allowing for a lot more creativity in signage and window displays. Installing exterior lights attached to the wall, or placing floor lights along the pathway, or using tiered light solutions within green areas, will all be winning curb appeal decisions.

Add Greenery

Greenery is the best color for outdoor work. Appealing to nature, supporting the environment, and ensuring your store front is here to stay is all brought to mind by the color green. That means your curb appeal should be dealt a hefty dose of grass and other plant life as soon as possible.

If you don’t already have a patch of lawn, you can rip up paving stones to create a mini garden, or simply use edged beds and window boxes. All you’re really trying to do here is create a sense of nature, and if there’s even just a bit of room for those earthy tones, your store is going to stand out like never before.

Hardscape Round the Entrance

If you’re not sure what hardscaping is, it’s an element of landscaping that involves ‘man made’ materials and items. Essentially it’s any work you do that doesn’t involve what’s come out of the ground.

And hardscaping is a great option for business entrances. You can add in things like retaining walls, a gazebo or awning covering, fit a new patio or a deck, and even install a fountain as a statement piece.

Each of these features can be woven together into a landscaping plan. All you need to do is ensure you’ve got the exact measurement, and then come up with a clear idea of what the feature’s purpose is going to be.

Work With Experienced Commercial Landscapers in Northern Virginia

The sales journey starts at the front door. As such, good landscaping does so much for a business. Why not invest in it this year? It can refresh your company image and make your store front a much more attractive option. For a customer, a business that looks good is also a business that feels good to be in.

But landscaping can be a hefty project, and sometimes it can get too expensive for your needs. However, you don’t need to give up on the plans just yet! If you’re not sure where to start, you can work with our experts at State of the Art Landscape. Our commercial landscaping services could be just right for your business. You can contact us very easily regarding your curb appeal ideas and we’ll come right out to have a look.