Trees & Shrubs for Commercial Landscapes

Figuring out which trees and shrubs to use in your commercial landscaping is challenging. You want something that looks good but also fulfills various commercial criteria.

For instance, commercial trees and shrubs should be low maintenance. You don’t want to rely on employees or expensive third-party services to prune and water them continually.

You also want commercial plants to signal to customers that you are a business. Arriving on your premises should feel different from walking onto a property in suburbia.

Fortunately, various shrubs and trees are ideal for corporate landscaping. The following are our top picks:

8 Trees & Shrubs Ideal for Commercial Landscapes

Crape Myrtle

While the name might sound like it is straight from Dr. Seuss, crape myrtle is among the best choices of plants for commercial landscaping for those wanting to add color. These impressive trees flower in diverse shades of pink, white, and red yet require virtually no upkeep.

Furthermore, crape myrtle can grow in poor soils. That fact makes it ideal for placing next to parking lots or other areas that lack biodiversity.


Another bright, colorful, yet low-maintenance tree to consider is dogwood. This impressive plant flowers white and pink and produces red berries that offer additional pops of color in the fall.

Dogwood is straightforward to train into the shape you want. Thanks to its deer-resistant properties, it is also favored for commercial landscaping at the edge of town. (Deer will sometimes feed on these trees but not destroy them).


Another option is adding barberry to your commercial landscaping. This shrub is famous for producing small berries, the source of berberine. However, businesses love it because it is low-maintenance yet offers pops of yellow color as the seasons change.

Like crape myrtle, you can plant barberry bushes in virtually any soil, and the plant will thrive. It can also go a long time without water, making it suitable for exposed, dry locations. The only maintenance you need to do is pruning once or twice a year to ensure it maintains its shape. It should take professional gardeners an afternoon.


Another option is the enigmatically named coreopsis. This plant produces bright flowers throughout the summer and autumn, giving your landscaping a summery feel.

You can also choose colors that match your branding. Orange, pink, purple, red, and yellow are available. (No blue, unfortunately!) As a perennial plant, it will last for years (so you don’t need to keep planting new bulbs). And you can put it inside, too, thanks to its minimal sunlight requirements.


If you want something more vanilla, try boxwood. This shrub is perfect for businesses that want their landscaping to blend into the background yet still offer some presence.

Boxwood is slow-growing (unlike many evergreens), so you won’t have to battle to keep it down to size. It can also tolerate various soil conditions, making it highly versatile, similar to the other shrubs discussed.


Spirea is another popular option (though you must keep it under control). These plants have long-blooming flowers, meaning they can add pops of color to your landscaping throughout most of the year. Like the other shrubs on this list, they are hardy and will accept poor soil conditions.


If your business wants to make a statement with its landscaping in the summer, then hydrangea is another viable option. This plant produces large flowers that radiate from a central bud. It also comes in various colors and looks stunning in full bloom during the summer months.

However, hydrangea is temperamental compared to many other trees and shrubs on this list. Plants require partial shade and well-drained soils, which is why you often see them at the top of banks or beside wooded areas.

Maiden Grass

Finally, you might want to consider maiden grass, one of the toughest commercial landscaping species available. This plant can withstand pests, drought, disease, and pretty much anything else a business could throw at it.

However, because the species is so hardy, there are rules concerning where you can plant it. Not every city allows it, so check locally first before you start using it outside your premises.

Work With Experienced Commercial Landscapers in Northern Virginia

This article introduced you to various trees and shrubs that are ideal for commercial landscapes. Of course, there are many more – we just didn’t have space to mention them all here!

If you are considering adding trees or shrubs to your commercial exteriors, talk to our team here at State of the Art Landscape. We help companies like yours enhance their curb appeal with professional commercial landscaping services daily.

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