6 Hardscaping Ideas to Enhance Your Commercial Space

Hardscaping can be an excellent way to enhance your commercial space’s curb appeal and increase its value. Essentially, hardscaping involves the creation of structures using solid materials such as stones, wood, gravel, brick, pavers, and other non-plant materials. 

If you are looking for striking outdoor designs for your next landscaping project, here are a few ideas to try.

Enhance Your Commercial Space With These 6 Hardscaping Ideas

1. Create Flagstone Patios

Patios are highly functional and visually appealing structures that can boost your curb appeal. They create definite hangout places for your family, visitors, or clients. Consider creating patios with flagstone or travertine. Flagstones make a unique design statement in your commercial space while enhancing its curb appeal. These 100% all-natural materials offer unmatched color combinations and shapes, allowing you to play with multiple patterns. Flagstone materials are also highly durable and are least likely to crack or warp when exposed to elements. 

2. Add Stone Pathways

If you have multiple hardscape structures in your lawn, connect them with well-designed pathways. Installing stone pathways in your garden can effectively transform outdoor spaces and add to their aesthetic appeal. Stones add a natural and rustic look to your architecture which goes a long way in boosting its value. With various sizes, shapes, colors, and natural stone textures available, you are guaranteed a wide variety of designs to choose from. There are also other benefits of stone pathways, including greater durability, low maintenance, and multi-functionality.

3. Use Stunning Stone Steps On Walkways

Whether your property is old or modern, adding steps can significantly enhance its value. Steps provide easy entry and exit for your property while adding beauty to your commercial space. Add attractive stone pattern steps on all forms of landscapes, from porches to patios to gardens and even stairways. The following are a few styles to consider depending on our layout and overall preference:

  • Traditional slap steps

    If you love a more natural, old-fashioned appearance, use cut stone to create traditional-looking stairs of the same size and shape. Leave the edges of the steps in their natural texture to give the impression that the steps were carved out. Since this design is highly structured, it can fit seamlessly with multiple architectural designs in your commercial space.

  • Floating steps

    Floating steps can be an ideal design for a way to add safe pathways through water, such as a creek or shallow pool. Floating steps come with small invisible support columns beneath, which makes them appear to float above water.

  • Add cast lighting

    Adding light to your steps is a great way to eliminate hazards and add a unique beautification factor that sets the right mood and makes your property stand out. This is a lovely and practical way to light your outdoors while highlighting your beautiful hardscape design.

4. Add Fire Pits and Fireplaces

Set up fire pits and fireplaces to create a pleasant ambiance and space to gather around. Fire pits serve as beautiful focal points which sets a cheery tone while helping design your gathering space. The outdoor commercial space is an extension of your property, and when you furnish it with a fire pit, you help create a homey feel that enhances the style of your outdoors. When designed as the centerpiece of dining tables, coffee tables, or built-in grilling surfaces, outdoor fire pits act as functional outdoor cooking appliances. This could be useful for any events you may host at your commercial space… cue the s’mores!  

5. Use Retaining Walls

Well-designed retaining walls can be a great way to add character to your outdoor spaces. Retaining walls are elegant, aesthetically pleasing upgrades that boost your curb appeal. They are also quite flexible and can enable you to redesign eyesores in your drop-offs or create beautiful flower beds that add texture to your property. Retaining walls can also act as erosion control by providing much-needed structural support. 

6. Include a Pergola 

Pergolas are a practical design feature that adds more beauty to the entire outdoor space. A well-designed pergola adds visual interest to an outdoor space and can be used to support decorative lighting or climbing plants. You can also use a pergola to create more private outdoor spaces that block prying eyes from neighboring properties. They provide a shaded area for outdoor activities like working, dining, or relaxing. More importantly, pergolas add between 50% to 80% value to a property. 

Re-invent Your Commercial Space With Our Hardscaping Solutions.

Commercial properties that come with outdoor spaces are gems worth investing in. If you are trying to spruce up your outdoor commercial space, stunning hardscaping designs is an outstanding place to start. The few ideas we have shared are an easy way to level up your outdoor space and enhance its value.

If you have further questions or need help getting started, the design experts at State of the Art Landscape are ready to assist. We have over 60 years of combined experience creating beautiful outdoor environments in Northern Virginia, and throughout Washington, D.C. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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